Nov 24

I arrived in Athens last Thursday and have now had the chance to walk a total of about 15mi through the city. Athens is a bustling place that has a similar energy to Lisbon.

Before leaving Lisbon last week I had the opportunity to capture two great interviews with impressive people: Darius Moravcik of Reflectly and Ash of the Lisbon Digital Nomad Meetup. In both we dug into how they’ve seen success in their respective endeavors: Darius in signing up 20-30k users per day for Reflectly and Ash in growing the largest Nomad Meetup group in the world.

Lisbon has been a dreary rainy place the past two weeks. It’s nice to finally be in some sunshine.

This shot is of the Keramikos archeological site – an old cemetery near the Thissio train station.

My friend @mattbowlesmaverick and I did half-day walking tour of the Athens street art scene that started there. I’ll post a more extensive collection soon but here are a few.

Here is a shot of the Acropolis during the day from below.

And one from a rooftop bar at sunset.

We had some phenomenal Greek wine (Mavrotragano 2017) at the #1-rated wine bar in Athens @oinoscent We will pretty much buy anything from our wonderful sommelier @lilly_clk at this point.

On the flight over from Athens I finished a really powerful book on sleep. I first heard the author Matthew Walker on a Joe Rogan podcast episode and had to listen to his interview twice. In this book he makes a compelling argument that if diet & exercise are the pillars of well-being, that sleep is the bedrock on which those pillars rest. As a society we’re woefully neglecting the importance of sleep. Highly recommend checking out the podcast interview:
Here’s the spot I found for my TRX workout this morning. TRX is a great alternative to finding a gym in every city and is super compact to travel with.

We’re in the final stretch leading up to the departure of @NomadCruise X later this week so the next one of these updates will likely come from a big boat in the Suez Canal. Kalispera!

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Nov 18

Charity Makeover #6 in Barcelona is now a week behind us and I just had the chance to writeup a nice summary of the event complete with an extensive photo album. Check it out on

It’s been a rainy past week in Lisbon and I’ve capitalized on that time to finish the Snowden book.

“Permanent Record” is an important one I highly recommend reading. I could write a whole novel myself on this book but it’s an amazing account from Edward Snowden on how, why and what he heroically did to make the public aware of the unconstitutional mass surveillance programs that the US implemented.

My last night in Barcelona I played an open mic that was really more of “get up and jam with the band session” but it went well and I chose what I thought was an appropriate song given the circumstances.

Two nights later @ivanso let myself and @lukeislegend play a show at his place on Pink St.

And then Friday it was @goncalo_regalado birthday. Happy Birthday sung in Portuguese is very different

The founder of Nomad Cruise invited me to lead a keynote on NCX on the lessons I’ve learned from interviewing 30+ location-independent individuals. I’m super stoked for that opportunity.

This new album from Arizona band @jimmyeatworld has been in my headphones the last couple weeks. I didn’t like it at first but it’s grown on me and will now forever remind me of walking around Barcelona.

IFTTT is a super useful app. I used it to implement a microblogging workflow that now pipes these mini updates I post on Instagram to my personal blog (which is nice because I’ve completely neglected it for the past year).

I head to Athens this Thursday to begin 4 months of nomadic working travel. This trip will take me to the Middle East, Asia and potentially South Africa – all new places for me so I’m excited. In prep for this I’ve collapsed everything I’ll have during this time into this backpack. Carry-on only from here out… giddyup. (at Lisbon, Portugal)

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Nov 10

Barcelona week 3 recap:

It’s been a challenging week. I learned Friday from a MRI that the source of my neck/shoulder/back pain for the past decade (but most acutely over the past 10 days) is due to 2 herniated discs in my neck (C6 C7). The past 10 nights have taught me a lesson in gratitude for the 99.9% of the time that I live in absence of excruciating pain.

Before that though Halloween was fun. A bunch of us from went out in costume and showed Barcelona how to dress.

I had the opportunity to sit down WT management later and do an interview for the @nomadprep podcast. Topics like: “What is “home?“ What is the end game of nomadic travel? Could kids be raised in a tribal nomadic environment?

I then hopped a train to Valencia to visit my friend @lishiechristinie who I haven’t seen since our Remote Year program ended.

It felt like home for the first time in awhile.

And we’re basically both professional @vans models now.

It was then back to Barcelona to hold our biggest Charity Makeover event yet: 4 charities, 17 volunteers and an intense exercise in what game-changing assets can be built under extreme time constraints.

It was a veritable “Voltron of Darien” presence with @con10to coming all the way from Rotterdam and showing up to lead the team for @seeds_for_autism?
I could not be more proud of what these 4 teams accomplished in a single day. We’ll have a full write-up on soon. I recommend adding your email there to follow along with how this effort develops.

Thank you #Pagely and @nomadcities for the meal sponsorships and @malibucowork for graciously hosting us in their beautiful space by the beach.

I started this public journaling experiment 2mos ago in Crete to see if I could use social media differently to take stock of my life on a weekly basis, create surface area to connect more deliberately with friends and strangers and log this unfolding journey. This was a really challenging week. It’s so easy to take our health for granted when it’s perfect. I start physical therapy in Lisbon later this week and hope to return to pain-free life soon. (at Barcelona, Spain)

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Nov 03

Barcelona Week 2 recap:

Started out with an insanely good dinner with my friend @toldbyalyse
You should try @eatwith if they have it in a town you’re visiting. These are some of the most amazing culinary experiences wherein you dine with complete strangers and are served by local independent chefs (and sometimes just people cooking out of their house). This one did not disappoint.

Woke up the next day on the beach in Ibiza.

We toured around (some of us on quads, myself in the jeep) and explored some beautiful ocean views.

Contrary to the looks of these ominous clouds, the weather cooperated with us the whole time.

We hiked down a fairly steep sandstone rock face and found this swimming cove and all these really cool rock formations.

We saw some stunning sunsets from the western-most point of the island.

It was pretty surreal.

This one on our last night with beautiful cirrus clouds above.

It’s been an epic two weeks with the @wifitribe crew. We’re t-minus 6 days from the Charity Makeover event in Barcelona and it’s completely sold out so I’m excited. Unfortunately I woke up with a crazy shooting pain in my right shoulder and I’m headed to get an MRI tomorrow to figure out what’s going on. Feels like sciatic nerve only radiating from my T2 vertebra to my right shoulder to my fingertips… hoping it’s just a pinched nerve and heals quickly on its own. If anyone has a theory on what this might be or what I could do to alleviate the pain I’d welcome any ideas.

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Oct 24

Barcelona? week 1 update:
I’m in Barcelona, Spain for the month participating in my first ever @wifitribe chapter. Our first weekend here a group of us went to Mont Serrat to do some hiking.

It’s called Mont Serrat because it’s a ridge that looks like a serrated knife’s edge (I used to sell CUTCO – it’s no Double-D edge but it’s an impressive ridgeline).

We took the funicular up the mountain. “Funicular” I found out is the name for this counter-balanced train that goes up a steep incline. It’s two cars connected by cable and they just swap places all day long taking people up & down the mountain.

Anyways we get up there and it’s all these impressive alien-like rock formations with a monastery nestled at the base.

These mountains look like they’re from another planet. Apparently long long ago they were actually under water and they are formed via ocean sediment. Crazy to think the sea used to be this high.

The water receded and what’s left is this rock aggregate. As my old geology teacher from Ecuador would say “Rocks on the move!!”

I was able to get in some cloud computing… bad dad joke.

This is part of our group. There are actually 20 of us in town coworking, doing weekend sidetrips and exploring the city. It’s similar to the @remoteyear citizen house program only they have multiple chapters running concurrently all over Asia, Europe, Africa and South America at any given time.

Yesterday I went with a few people on a walking architectural tour around Barcelona. Gaudi was the centerpiece of this tour. His style is best described as “hobbit.” It reminds me a lot of the buildings from the old games Myst and Riven. I had been to Sagrada Familia before but it’s always impressive. They’re aiming to have it completed by 2026 – the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death.

Anyways, so far so good. Running here is interesting. The blocks are relatively small and all the intersections are octagonal so you end up zigzagging and a 3mi run becomes a 4mi run. That’s good though because their pintxo finger food scene is fire Beware Barcelona: I will be eating all the pintxos and tapas this month. (at Barcelona, Spain)

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Oct 08

Greece Weeks 3 & 4 update:
Meet Frank. Frank is our on-property goat. We feed him leaves because he’s eaten all the ones that are within reach. This is really the only reason Frank needs us but we’re cool with the relationship.

We’ll regularly come out the back door and find Frank doing sun salutations in the back yard. Frank loves yoga.

Last week we to go hike the massive Samaria Gorge of Crete. On the way there we stopped to grab a lunch of smashed panini sandwiches atop an amazing viewpoint. The sandwiches were mediocre but the view was spectacular.

We found out the Samaria Gorge is actually the longest gorge in all of Europe (so long they have a whole brand of purified water named after it).

32k steps and 5hrs later we nearly missed the last ferry out of there.

We met this little guy who unfortunately had a busted paw but played a solid sympathy begging game. He got more of our food than we did.

Plakias beach was a welcome restful spot after the gorge hike the previous day.I knocked out most of a book on channel sales here.
We hiked to the secluded Agio Farago beach the next weekend at the suggestion of @bennyb0y and were not disappointed.

Here we discovered a roving orchestra of cowbell-playing Cretan Mountain Goats. They were headed to a gig and wanted nothing to do with us.

All in all it’s been a great couple of weeks. The desserts have been(I discovered chocolate baklava cake is actually a thing). One more week then back to Lisbon for a brief stopover before Spain. (at Kournás, Khania, Greece)

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