Nov 10

Barcelona week 3 recap:

It’s been a challenging week. I learned Friday from a MRI that the source of my neck/shoulder/back pain for the past decade (but most acutely over the past 10 days) is due to 2 herniated discs in my neck (C6 C7). The past 10 nights have taught me a lesson in gratitude for the 99.9% of the time that I live in absence of excruciating pain.

Before that though Halloween was fun. A bunch of us from went out in costume and showed Barcelona how to dress.

I had the opportunity to sit down WT management later and do an interview for the @nomadprep podcast. Topics like: “What is “home?“ What is the end game of nomadic travel? Could kids be raised in a tribal nomadic environment?

I then hopped a train to Valencia to visit my friend @lishiechristinie who I haven’t seen since our Remote Year program ended.

It felt like home for the first time in awhile.

And we’re basically both professional @vans models now.

It was then back to Barcelona to hold our biggest Charity Makeover event yet: 4 charities, 17 volunteers and an intense exercise in what game-changing assets can be built under extreme time constraints.

It was a veritable “Voltron of Darien” presence with @con10to coming all the way from Rotterdam and showing up to lead the team for @seeds_for_autism?
I could not be more proud of what these 4 teams accomplished in a single day. We’ll have a full write-up on soon. I recommend adding your email there to follow along with how this effort develops.

Thank you #Pagely and @nomadcities for the meal sponsorships and @malibucowork for graciously hosting us in their beautiful space by the beach.

I started this public journaling experiment 2mos ago in Crete to see if I could use social media differently to take stock of my life on a weekly basis, create surface area to connect more deliberately with friends and strangers and log this unfolding journey. This was a really challenging week. It’s so easy to take our health for granted when it’s perfect. I start physical therapy in Lisbon later this week and hope to return to pain-free life soon. (at Barcelona, Spain)

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