Nov 24

I arrived in Athens last Thursday and have now had the chance to walk a total of about 15mi through the city. Athens is a bustling place that has a similar energy to Lisbon.

Before leaving Lisbon last week I had the opportunity to capture two great interviews with impressive people: Darius Moravcik of Reflectly and Ash of the Lisbon Digital Nomad Meetup. In both we dug into how they’ve seen success in their respective endeavors: Darius in signing up 20-30k users per day for Reflectly and Ash in growing the largest Nomad Meetup group in the world.

Lisbon has been a dreary rainy place the past two weeks. It’s nice to finally be in some sunshine.

This shot is of the Keramikos archeological site – an old cemetery near the Thissio train station.

My friend @mattbowlesmaverick and I did half-day walking tour of the Athens street art scene that started there. I’ll post a more extensive collection soon but here are a few.

Here is a shot of the Acropolis during the day from below.

And one from a rooftop bar at sunset.

We had some phenomenal Greek wine (Mavrotragano 2017) at the #1-rated wine bar in Athens @oinoscent We will pretty much buy anything from our wonderful sommelier @lilly_clk at this point.

On the flight over from Athens I finished a really powerful book on sleep. I first heard the author Matthew Walker on a Joe Rogan podcast episode and had to listen to his interview twice. In this book he makes a compelling argument that if diet & exercise are the pillars of well-being, that sleep is the bedrock on which those pillars rest. As a society we’re woefully neglecting the importance of sleep. Highly recommend checking out the podcast interview:
Here’s the spot I found for my TRX workout this morning. TRX is a great alternative to finding a gym in every city and is super compact to travel with.

We’re in the final stretch leading up to the departure of @NomadCruise X later this week so the next one of these updates will likely come from a big boat in the Suez Canal. Kalispera!

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