Nov 18

Charity Makeover #6 in Barcelona is now a week behind us and I just had the chance to writeup a nice summary of the event complete with an extensive photo album. Check it out on

It’s been a rainy past week in Lisbon and I’ve capitalized on that time to finish the Snowden book.

“Permanent Record” is an important one I highly recommend reading. I could write a whole novel myself on this book but it’s an amazing account from Edward Snowden on how, why and what he heroically did to make the public aware of the unconstitutional mass surveillance programs that the US implemented.

My last night in Barcelona I played an open mic that was really more of “get up and jam with the band session” but it went well and I chose what I thought was an appropriate song given the circumstances.

Two nights later @ivanso let myself and @lukeislegend play a show at his place on Pink St.

And then Friday it was @goncalo_regalado birthday. Happy Birthday sung in Portuguese is very different

The founder of Nomad Cruise invited me to lead a keynote on NCX on the lessons I’ve learned from interviewing 30+ location-independent individuals. I’m super stoked for that opportunity.

This new album from Arizona band @jimmyeatworld has been in my headphones the last couple weeks. I didn’t like it at first but it’s grown on me and will now forever remind me of walking around Barcelona.

IFTTT is a super useful app. I used it to implement a microblogging workflow that now pipes these mini updates I post on Instagram to my personal blog (which is nice because I’ve completely neglected it for the past year).

I head to Athens this Thursday to begin 4 months of nomadic working travel. This trip will take me to the Middle East, Asia and potentially South Africa – all new places for me so I’m excited. In prep for this I’ve collapsed everything I’ll have during this time into this backpack. Carry-on only from here out… giddyup. (at Lisbon, Portugal)

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