Sep 01

Haven’t written on here in ages and figured I’d post the last three 5min talks I’ve given for Lisbon Lightning Talks. In reverse chronological order:

This is a talk arguing for that the 3 most powerful force multipliers one can learn are mental models, spaced repetition cards and nocode. Slides here.

This is an attempt to tell a fable about “Stone Soup” in an analogy to what I’m working on today with Problemattic. Slides here.

This is an introduction to the Problemattic effort, backstory on the origin with Charity Makeover and what this project is attempting to do. Slides here.

I did one more that unfortunately wasn’t recorded on Paragliding the slides of which can be found here. Lighting Talks in Lisbon are run by my friend Looke and is an amazing community-building resource. Highly recommend checking it out if ever you’re in Lisbon. They run every two weeks.

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