Jun 25

Bali weeks 16, 17 , 18 , 19, 20

Here’s the monthly update from me: Beaches are finally re-opened in Bali and we’ve been capitalizing on that for sunsets recently.

A couple of us did a trip to Bingin beach near Uluwatu and got to watch the surfers absolutely shredding there.

There is a cute puppy named Alma that has joined our little tribe and she even now has her own instagram @almathebalidog

She’s also ferocious and attacks you if you seem even remotely fun.

I moved into a new villa with 3 friends from Nomad Cruise and will be closing out the rest of June there and angling to get back to Portugal around July 6th or so (flights permitting).

I learned a song entirely in Bahasa for our Indonesian staff.

We’ve had limes in coconuts.

Crew after amazing crew of people.

Walks through rice fields, exploring temples, sick villas in Uluwatu, infinity pools, all the Bali stuff…

And similar to Remote Year, a group of folks who otherwise would likely have never become close has done just that.

I’ve started business blogging on grid7.com writing about learnings from working with nocode and I’ve been working my way through the 30×500 academy doing their excellent course on how to launch a product you know will sell. I’ll be speaking next week for FutureofWork.co talking about our efforts with @charitymakeover_.

Our next CM event is tentatively scheduled for July 25th. My bi-annual email update goes out in two weeks. If you want to get a deep-dive from me on everything I’ve learned during the crazy times of the past six months be sure to opt-in for that on scrollinondubs.com/about

Cheers (at Pererenan Beach)

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