May 25

Bali weeks 11-15
Been awhile… here’s a quick update on what’s been happening with me over the past 5 weeks: ?
I celebrated a b-day at @canggucamp308

We had our first ever entirely-virtual @charitymakeover_ and our volunteers proved that these events are indeed possible to execute entirely remotely. There’s a great recap video as the last post on our blog if you’re interested to see what kind of stuff our volunteers were able to build in a day.

Canggu has started to re-open but with fairly intense rules. Banning hugs…okay but banning stories seems pretty heavy-handed.

Our group is fostering the tiniest kitten on earth. His name is “Tiger” and he is our watchcat guarding our workspace.

We celebrated another b-day (we’re getting to be pro’s at this).

It’s now planting season here in Bali which means farmers are mostly done lighting their fields on fire and instead are now just watering them intensely. The geckos here are having nightly feasts on every imaginable flying insect. I’m pretty sure the geckos will be bigger than the kitten soon.

The evenings here are pretty magical. It’s windy season and any given evening at dusk there will be dozens of these massive black kites in the air- some nearly a mile up. They don’t do the Kiterunner fighting thing – they just hover stationary but it’s beautiful.

I’ve been on a tear lately having read these four books. At some point I’ll do a blog post summary of each.

We had last night an amazing dinner with some amazing humans- Arthur of, Erin of and @_rachelcrocker_ of

Rest assured friends while I’m staying mostly fit I am still doing my part to rid the world of desserts one cheesecake at a time. So far so good. Hope everyone is happy & healthy. (at Pererenan Beach)

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