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acousticIf you’re in a musical rut and need to change your tune here’s a list of my all-time 50 favorite singer/songwriters. I’ve linked to a live clip that’s a good representative song for each artist. Disclaimer: this list is HUGELY skewed towards male singers (in fact there’s only one female on the list) plus, yes I play myself and of course dig my own music so I’m on there. If you have any good suggestions to balance out this list with the female gender, please make recommendations. I’ve just rarely found female singers that I connect with. But I’m sure there are great ones out there – add them in the comments if you have suggestions!

Joe Purdy
Sean Tierney
Jose Gonzalez
Nate Stone
Greg Holden
Mat McHugh
Shane Alexander
Matt Costa
Griffin House
Rocky Votolato
Brett Dennen
Dustin Kensrue
William Fitzsimmons
Colin Hay
Chad Stokes
Jack O’Neill
Ryan Adams
Jeffrey Gaines
Howie Day
Teddy Geiger
Xavier Rudd
Damian Rice
Alexi Murdoch
Conor Oberst
Elliot Smith
Jeff Buckley
Ray LaMontagne
Glen Hansard
Angus & Julia Stone
Joshua Radin
Avett Brothers
Kevin Devine
Joseph Arthur
Mike Doughty
Adam Stephens
Ryan Miller
Brian Chartrand
Mark Kozelek
Misha Chellam
Andy Mckee
Cat Stevens
Nate Ruess
Justin Vernon
Todd Snider
Sam Beam
Nick Drake
Bobby Long
John Prine
Charlie Mars
Sean Hayes

This list can’t be complete – who is conspicuously missing and who are the female equivalents to these guys?

132 Responses to “50 acoustic artists you need to know”

  1. tom says:

    FOY VANCE!! thats all you need

  2. Cyndy says:

    where's the women???

  3. Pepito says:

    Don't forget Priscilla Ahn

  4. Phil Rooke says:

    I’ve been looking at similar lists and no mention of the amazing Martin Sexton???… seriously???

  5. Simian Buchberger says:

    Doug Hell is the best acoustic artist living-bar none. He is the only solo acoustic artist alive that writes consistently memorable songs. Every other acoustic artist has a few good ones and the rest is boring dribble.

  6. ben says:

    laura marling she is a new level of excellent

  7. Wow it is amazing how I don’t know many of these artists you have listed. Knowing someone new from the music industry everyday just bring fresh perspective in life. There are countless of very talented musicians out there and although we can’t listen to them all. We could rest knowing that everyday a musician out there is making great music and is just waiting to be heard.

  8. Stephen says:

    Also Check out Stevia Waichulis on iToons.

  9. jonny says:

    Check out a young duo called Seafret!

  10. Bailey says:


  11. jade hill says:

    Ron pope

  12. Cheaquettaj says:

    I really like this artist ‘Tobar Fray.’ His style is very unique and he’s a good guy too. Locate him on Facebook if your interested.

  13. Andy says:

    What about Chris Cornell? his songbook tour was amazing!

  14. Phil says:

    Mat Kerekes & Peter Lannon

  15. Wiggle says:

    Karen Savoca

  16. Jim says:


  17. Alvaro says:

    You should try Josh Moore, his lately solo album is great

  18. Honor says:

    Obadiah Parker!!!!!!!!! The best artist ever. Does some amazing acoustic covers. Also, Newton Faulkner is goid

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