Aug 23

I discovered Nate Stone about a month back randomly while working in a coffee shop in Flagstaff. I was fortunate to catch this performance he did this past Sunday of my favorite song of his:

I had a beer with him afterwards and he declared “this is the night I got my voice back.” I know the feeling of what it’s like to have been super prolific at writing music and then lose the spark. It was pretty magical to be present and witness him get the spark back. There was only maybe five people in the whole place but you could hear the responses from people when it kicked in for him.

Download his last album for free here. He said he’s got material in the works to record a new album. I cannot wait to hear what this guy puts out next. If you’re in the Flagstaff area he plays resident every Sunday night 7-9pm at Coffee Bean.

To see other guys like Nate (not necessarily from AZ) check this list I made awhile back. The Interwebs have apparently deemed it #1 google result for “acoustic artist” for whatever that’s worth.

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