Aug 31

I attended Jason Baer’s Facebook Marketing seminar at NACET last week. Usually these social media marketing seminars are fluff or so remedial they don’t yield any new insight. But Jason was extremely knowledgeable and I learned a couple interesting things from his talk and discovered a few sites and services that appear very useful. In all it made me realize we’re under-utilizing Facebook for our startups and need to implement a FB strategy going forward. Below are my notes and links to the relevant sources:

Five Different strategies to take with FB

Awareness - new Facebook page that actually collects emails - "win the news feed" x-factors - high target interaction weight - edgerank formula seems similar to HN "gravity" algorithm - Pagelever for better FB metrics (Edgerank checker = low end) Increase Sales - from Phx do this well (like CartFly?) - Direct response = higher end Market research & insight generation - Liking page = expression of support (equiv digital bumper sticking). - intersperse q's to keep interactive and prevent feed fatigue ** play with polls more to activate people - Bulbstorm / idea challenges- good eg. ^ <- nother Phx co! ** investigate ExactTarget Customer Service - listen proactively, worst case = have a page and not attend - deleting neg comments is hugely detrimental, only if hate speech etc **** Kurrently realtime Twitter & Facebook monitoring - use discussions tab as a place to take discussions off the Wall. - key to establish hours of operation just like phone CSR's. ground rules for posting Fifth ^missed it - maybe someone else who was there can comment?

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