Nov 03

Barcelona Week 2 recap:

Started out with an insanely good dinner with my friend @toldbyalyse
You should try @eatwith if they have it in a town you’re visiting. These are some of the most amazing culinary experiences wherein you dine with complete strangers and are served by local independent chefs (and sometimes just people cooking out of their house). This one did not disappoint.

Woke up the next day on the beach in Ibiza.

We toured around (some of us on quads, myself in the jeep) and explored some beautiful ocean views.

Contrary to the looks of these ominous clouds, the weather cooperated with us the whole time.

We hiked down a fairly steep sandstone rock face and found this swimming cove and all these really cool rock formations.

We saw some stunning sunsets from the western-most point of the island.

It was pretty surreal.

This one on our last night with beautiful cirrus clouds above.

It’s been an epic two weeks with the @wifitribe crew. We’re t-minus 6 days from the Charity Makeover event in Barcelona and it’s completely sold out so I’m excited. Unfortunately I woke up with a crazy shooting pain in my right shoulder and I’m headed to get an MRI tomorrow to figure out what’s going on. Feels like sciatic nerve only radiating from my T2 vertebra to my right shoulder to my fingertips… hoping it’s just a pinched nerve and heals quickly on its own. If anyone has a theory on what this might be or what I could do to alleviate the pain I’d welcome any ideas.

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