Oct 24

Barcelona? week 1 update:
I’m in Barcelona, Spain for the month participating in my first ever @wifitribe chapter. Our first weekend here a group of us went to Mont Serrat to do some hiking.

It’s called Mont Serrat because it’s a ridge that looks like a serrated knife’s edge (I used to sell CUTCO – it’s no Double-D edge but it’s an impressive ridgeline).

We took the funicular up the mountain. “Funicular” I found out is the name for this counter-balanced train that goes up a steep incline. It’s two cars connected by cable and they just swap places all day long taking people up & down the mountain.

Anyways we get up there and it’s all these impressive alien-like rock formations with a monastery nestled at the base.

These mountains look like they’re from another planet. Apparently long long ago they were actually under water and they are formed via ocean sediment. Crazy to think the sea used to be this high.

The water receded and what’s left is this rock aggregate. As my old geology teacher from Ecuador would say “Rocks on the move!!”

I was able to get in some cloud computing… bad dad joke.

This is part of our group. There are actually 20 of us in town coworking, doing weekend sidetrips and exploring the city. It’s similar to the @remoteyear citizen house program only they have multiple chapters running concurrently all over Asia, Europe, Africa and South America at any given time.

Yesterday I went with a few people on a walking architectural tour around Barcelona. Gaudi was the centerpiece of this tour. His style is best described as “hobbit.” It reminds me a lot of the buildings from the old games Myst and Riven. I had been to Sagrada Familia before but it’s always impressive. They’re aiming to have it completed by 2026 – the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death.

Anyways, so far so good. Running here is interesting. The blocks are relatively small and all the intersections are octagonal so you end up zigzagging and a 3mi run becomes a 4mi run. That’s good though because their pintxo finger food scene is fire Beware Barcelona: I will be eating all the pintxos and tapas this month. (at Barcelona, Spain)

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