Oct 08

Greece Weeks 3 & 4 update:
Meet Frank. Frank is our on-property goat. We feed him leaves because he’s eaten all the ones that are within reach. This is really the only reason Frank needs us but we’re cool with the relationship.

We’ll regularly come out the back door and find Frank doing sun salutations in the back yard. Frank loves yoga.

Last week we to go hike the massive Samaria Gorge of Crete. On the way there we stopped to grab a lunch of smashed panini sandwiches atop an amazing viewpoint. The sandwiches were mediocre but the view was spectacular.

We found out the Samaria Gorge is actually the longest gorge in all of Europe (so long they have a whole brand of purified water named after it).

32k steps and 5hrs later we nearly missed the last ferry out of there.

We met this little guy who unfortunately had a busted paw but played a solid sympathy begging game. He got more of our food than we did.

Plakias beach was a welcome restful spot after the gorge hike the previous day.I knocked out most of a book on channel sales here.
We hiked to the secluded Agio Farago beach the next weekend at the suggestion of @bennyb0y and were not disappointed.

Here we discovered a roving orchestra of cowbell-playing Cretan Mountain Goats. They were headed to a gig and wanted nothing to do with us.

All in all it’s been a great couple of weeks. The desserts have been(I discovered chocolate baklava cake is actually a thing). One more week then back to Lisbon for a brief stopover before Spain. (at Kournás, Khania, Greece)

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