Jun 20

Here are a handful of panoramas I’ve taken while here in the Czech Republic:

This one in Karlovy Vary this past weekend crossing the river:

Another one from Karlovy Vary in eastern Czech Republic:

I took this on one of our first mornings in Prague running the Charles bridge- it’s got some wacky artifacts in it because there are so many people coming and going (the app doesn’t deal with a lot of movement well):

And this one from the first town hall meeting in the garden area of the K10 workspace:

The app I used to take these is called Photosynth and makes it super easy to capture these on an iPhone. You can see other panos I’ve taken here.

A few regular pics from Karlovy Vary:

The other thing I threw together this weekend is RemoteYearBlogs.com– an aggregator site of all the people in our Remote Year group who are blogging. It gives a river of the latest blog posts from all these folks in one place to make an easy way to follow along with what’s happening with our peeps. Pagely agreed to host it so I slapped a logo on there to give us some advertising. This is the plugin I used to construct the site. We have some fantastic writers in our group – check out a sampling of their writing via that site.

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