Feb 16

Let me explain this convoluted title. Ignite Phoenix #9 was this past Saturday and it frigging ruled. I just happened to run into the entire Ignite organizing crew at a coffee shop in Scottsdale that actually came about via a talk at the first ever Ignite. Oh and there happened to be one of the Ignite presenters here that I got to randomly chatting with so it was basically a lot of ignition going on.

Anyways the event on Saturday was flawless in every respect (mad props to the organizing committee for continuing to improve on something that was already amazing – I’ve been to 8/9 and they’ve gotten progressively better). My only ounce of negative feedback for Jeff and team was that one of the talks was clearly just a pitch for this lady’s barter business. And hey I get it: you get a captive audience of 800 people and the temptation is to pitch your biz and advance your cause. I understand, but it makes the audience roll their eyes and basically ends up being a buzzkill.

So anyways, here’s a suggestion I want to propose: we need the equivalent of a super-budget, anonymous jury system to shame people out of trying this at future events. And now here’s an even wackier proposal for what that might look like:

What if every member of the audience got a snapple cap upon coming through the door and the moderator explained the protocol that if presenters pull shenanigans and start Amwaying the crowd, the audience is to “cap their ass” with a collective gong of popping their Snapple caps to make that annoying clicking sound?

If you know you’re going to be publicly shamed on stage when you willingly violate the presentation guidelines and slang your own stuff, you’ll either a) steer clear of this practice or b) violate it and provide some serious amusement for the audience. Either way- WIN!

Anyways, I leave this suggestion in Jeff’s capable hands and will pledge to buy a few cases of Snapple to arm the audience if they decide to adopt it. Even if they just gave the front row this duty I think it would work (but it’d be way more impressive to see 800 people capping a presenter that did this). If you’re down with this idea or have feedback on how to improve it, chime in with a comment.

2 Responses to “Snapple Cap jury-rigged jury system for Ignite pitchers”

  1. James Britt says:

    While an audience should be polite as a default, no one should sit quietly when their time and attention is exploited. There have been a few sales pitches at a couple of Ignites, and it's insulting. A less messy version of rotten tomatoes could be good.

    Here's the thing: Some people, like myself, often talk about things they do for love *and* money. I don't think either of my Ignite talks were at all sales-y or anything, but who's to say what someone in the audience may think? "Oh, he's a software/hardware hacker by trade, and he's talking about some software/hardware hack he's doing. Time to cap the commercial/self-promotion."

    I think *most* people have better sense, and are willing to cut some slack even when suspicions are piqued, and may themselves fear looking foolish for being lone clickers if they're not really sure. But even a few cap pops would be a serious distraction to a speaker who was simply sharing some enthusiasm.

    I hate to push something like this off, but it would be better if the Ignite organizers used some means to shut down a speaker who, in their judgement, crossed the line. In fact, during preparation for Ignite 6 (or whenever I last presented) the speakers were told to stay on the topic they agreed to present, don't try any bullshit, or the mic goes off and they get asked to step aside. And that needs to happen.


  2. david says:

    An audience Gong Show, hmm. I would have gonged the presentation on feminine bathroom procedures, which is about the time I stopped going to Ignite Phoenix.

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