Mar 23

Is this feasible to build? Bonus points if you can figure how to cancel out external music while letting me listen to my own.

You have a UI prototype and a pre-order for at least one at $300- someone please build it.
If nothing more consider doing it as a public service.

6 Responses to “The iPhone app I would buy today for $300”

  1. Erica Lucci says:

    HA! Awesome ides. "That's Not My Name" would definitely be on my list too. Soooo annoying.

  2. Alan Rother says:

    As always Sean, brilliant…

  3. Totally with you !!!

    This "that's not my name" is so frustrating … !!^^

    Don't know why but on every phone you have those kind of things …

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  5. @wallyb says:

    Love the idea, may do it for Android.

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