Mar 04

A solid one-two punch following the JumpBox for SnapLogic release last week, we put out another winner this morning. The JumpBox for Dimdim is now available and gives you a way to instantly deploy an Open Source online meeting system. My favorite feature of this one is the shared document capability – basically it gives you a real-time collaborative whiteboard with your Powerpoint or PDF in the background. You can mark it up with other people and discuss the changes with video/audio chat. Kudos to the people at Dimdim for producing a solid and usable Open Source alternative to the WebEx’s, Gotomeeting’s and Acrobat Connect services of the world.

I did another screencast to run through the basics on how to get started with it. That video is below and you can find a full time-coded table of contents to the video here. Enjoy.

3 Responses to “The JumpBox for Dimdim Web Conferencing has landed”

  1. Sean-

    Great to see Dimdim available via JumpBox. Love the Ramp Up video!


    Kevin Micalizzi, Community Manager
    Dimdim Web Conferencing
    twitter: @dimdim

  2. Brian says:

    Some of the best Web Conferencing tools are actually not the top name brands. VIA3 from lead the list of top vendor recommendations in the Web Conferencing Space (Full report at – Best vendor recommendations can be found there.

  3. Danial says:

    Another great solution for screen sharing is RHUB It not only does support web conferencing, video and audio conferencing, but also remote access.

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