Nov 04

I periodically do video tutorials for the various applications that we package at JumpBox. The idea is to not just make the software easier to work with, but also to provide the instruction and motivation to help you get over the hump of doing something productive with it. With the one I did this morning we just hit the two-dozen mark and I felt like it was an appropriate milestone to do a “table of contents” post. In no particular order here are the videos (hover over the graphic to see the title and classification):

We have a nifty new feature that allows you to work alongside the tutorial by launching an instance on demand using only your browser. There’s nothing to download or install and you pay only pennies per hour for the time you use it. To learn more about that service go here. And if you find the videos useful and want to be updated as new ones come out, subscribe to our blog and tell a friend.

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