Jan 15

I just noticed today is the 3rd anniversary of when I started writing this blog. I’m not going to do a lame recap or any forward looking vision for what this will become because frankly there is no plan- I just write whatever is on my mind. Reading that original post again it’s crazy to think how much my situation has changed and yet how much is precisely the same. It makes me wonder if it’s truly possible to write your way out of a paper bag into the life you want. There’s no agenda here other than to:

  • keep my friends and family abreast of what I’m up to
  • expose situations that aren’t right and give praise where praise is due
  • share critical insights from the things I read and the people I meet
  • chart the life of our startup for posterity’s sake
  • document tasks and concepts that i’d forget without this reference
  • air out my mental laundry and weird ideas
  • and have a high pagerank soapbox when I need it
  • I realize that when almost every post is tagged with the category “nerd,” it’s more a statement about the author than anything ;-) If there’s a topic in particular you’d like to hear more about, I’ve added the skribit application on my social page as a suggestions box. Starting this blog was a big catalyst for me to get my $h%@ together and make progress towards my goals. I recommend it for anyone who’s on the fence about writing publicly because you’ll find that the act of writing itself will help refine your thoughts and having it public makes you accountable for what you say (*note- i believe blog as a verb should be banned). Thanks for continuing to follow along and here’s to imagining where we’ll all be in another three years!

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    1. Hey Sean – Just want to say Happy 3rd Birthday – congrats and keep her goin!

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