Sep 13
You can work along with the video tutorial below by firing up a JumpBox for Trac right in your browser (nothing to download or setup). You’ll need a JumpBox account as well as an Amazon Web Services account. Once you have those you can launch and terminate a private Trac instance on Amazon’s cloud service and pay only pennies per hour while it’s running. Click the signup button to the right to get started ->

*Disclosure: I’m one of the co-founders of JumpBox, Inc.

is here again. This is a 2-day deal this time around starting 8am on Saturday at the University for Advancing Technology in Phoenix. I’m giving a talk on how to use Trac & Subversion for effective software development (unfortunately it looks like it’s already at capacity but we’ll squeeze in as many as we can fit). I just now posted a video tutorial on Trac with SVN to serve as a primer for the person who is new to it and looking to get productive with it quickly. Saturday’s talk will be an interactive version of this tutorial only diving into more of the features in Trac.

With 96 confirmed sessions this is a nerd fest you don’t want to miss if you’re in Phoenix this weekend!

UPDATE 10/18/08: Here’s the video capture of the Trac preso I did for SDJUG earlier this week.

UPDATE 5/19/09: Below is a more recent shorter Ramp Up video I did for Trac:

5 Responses to “Trac SVN video tutorial and Desert Code Camp”

  1. Jim says:

    Good stuff! Will you be videoing your Saturday preso?? I’m a long way from Phoenix :)

  2. sean says:

    Jim- I’m not plannning to video it. There’s a chance they’ll capture some of the sessions but my guess is no. I’m doing the same talk for the San Diego Java User Group next month and I’ll see about capturing that one using Breeze.


  3. james says:

    Looking forward to this. I’m a big Trac fan.

    I’ve also become a fan of Mercurial, and the nice part is that Trac has a plugin that lets you use Mercurial in place of Subversion.

    I may do a short Mercurial demo at the Refactor Phoenix session Sunday 11am at Code Camp.

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  5. mario says:


    I have the jumpbox running in a vmWare player for Windows XP.
    I am trying to intall the trac-post-commit-hook.

    How does one do this? Is it through the Admin\Plugins screen in Trac? It requires an egg file.

    The file I downloaded is a plain txt file.

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