Jun 05

trac_logo.pngWe just released the Trac/SVN Development JumpBox. This is a virtual appliance that integrates the popular SVN source control system with Trac for documentation and issue tracking. We’re excited about this JumpBox because it’s the first one that takes a massively complicated install (a process which can take the experienced developer two days) and reduces it to a 30sec task.

  • If you don’t know what source control is or why you should use it, read this.
  • If you know what source control is but don’t know why you should use Subversion, read this.
  • If you use Subversion currently but don’t see why you should integrate Trac,
  • And if you already use Trac/SVN and don’t understand why you should use JumpBox to skip setup, read this and then read this.
  • As with all JumpBoxes, you can use it perpetually for free if you don’t mind having our navigation and don’t need access to the premium features. During the remainder of the release candidate phase (approx 3wks) you can still unlock the premium features and get shell access and automated backups without paying. With today’s other releases of Drupal and Dokuwiki this brings the total to 9 Open Source applications currently available. If you’re in Phoenix, we’ll be at Refresh Phoenix tonight demo’ing the Trac JumpBox. We’ll be shipping production releases of all applications July 1st. Get ’em while you’re still able to unlock them for free!

    3 Responses to “Trac integrated with Subversion – now installable on any OS in 30sec”

    1. Big Mad Kev says:

      How does this differ from http://buildix.thoughtworks.com/? I guess it just easier to us and any OS?

    2. sean says:

      main differences:
      -they have cruise control built in if you need that, ours does not have it
      -theirs is 387MB – ours is 117MB
      -I believe theirs is out of date with the latest revision
      -we have automated backups and a web gui for configuring things like static IP, proxy, etc
      -we support ours as a product while I believe theirs is more a community thing

      bottomline- this is a product for us and our main business focus so you know we will be supporting it. There are other VM images of trac like this one -> http://www.vmware.com/vmtn/appliances/directory/308
      BuildX is one of the better built ones, but the bottomline is it’s not a JumpBox. We also have 9 applications now that use the consistent JumpBox interface so if you’ve installed one, you know how to work with any of the others.

      the “any OS” aspect is by virtue of the fact that it runs under virtualization so theirs shares that same quality. But yes, we believe our usability is superior.

    3. john says:

      Does the trac on jumpbox use mysql, sqlite or postgresql?

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