May 23

I was roped into this chain letter by Rob Brooks-Bilson :-) My contribution to the meme:

Total Volume (of my MP3 library): 74.3 GB

Last CD Bought: “Garden State Soundtrack ” – Various Artists

Song Playing Right Now: “Unsung” – Helmet

Five Songs I Listen to a Lot:

  • Boombastic Radio shoutcast stream
  • Flying Horses – Dispatch
  • Trip Like I Do – Crystal Method (Filter Remix)
  • Lucky Denver Mint – Jimmy Eatworld
  • Collide – Howie Day

Five People to Whom I’m Passing the Baton:

4 Responses to “Musical Baton Meme”

  1. Nathan Strutz says:

    I was hoping to pass under the radar on this one, but now that it’s in the valley… darn you…

  2. alice luk says:

    hello… would you mind sending me the song ‘Trip Like I Do’ by Crystal Method Feat. Filter? I ve searched for long but I can’t get it from anywhere. Please give me a reply, thank you!

  3. Sean Tierney says:

    it’s the first track off the soundtrack for the movie "Spawn" and it’s called "Can’t you." you can get it on iTunes for a buck.


  4. alice luk says:

    hello sean… I know it could be bought from iTunes… but I m in Hong Kong, I don’t have visa card from U.S. Would you please do me a favour?

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