Mar 29

We spent week 7 here quarantined on the northern side of the island in a private villa near Tianyar. This was the view off my porch.

The sun glinting off the water every morning reminded me of when our family used to spend time on Coronado Island in San Diego growing up.

We had a lot of downtime as the internet up there was nearly non-existent. I re-read two books: “Illusions” by Richard Bach and “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Lots of creepy statues and ancient artifacts and roosters trudging around the yard all day.

We got good at recombinating the same canned ingredients with different sauces and doing dinners by candle light.

@helensimkins found the 3sqft of space on the property that had intermittent cell signal.

We improvised with coconuts one night and had a game of bocce ball at sunset.

Did I mention there were a lot of roosters?

@mattbowlesmaverick had me on his podcast for an unprecedented 3rd interview (that episode will be published tomorrow) to talk about our hurry-up offense to retool @charitymakeover_ to support all-virtual hackathons. Our hope is to be able to both provide some much needed assistance to some of the charities on the ropes right now from COVID-19 fallout but also give some meaningful work opportunities to people who are quarantined and sitting on their hands out of work. Ever the gracious host Matt fast-tracked this episode to get it live to help promote for our first ever virtual hackaton on Apr 11th.

We slept most nights with our doors open and woke up to this scene. It was a good week of decompression but we’re now back in Canggu for the fast reliable internet and I’m heads-down making the changes needed to our tech stack to enable what we’re trying to facilitate for these various causes. If you want to be involved in this effort from wherever you are, sign up on – we can use all the help we can get and you can see what skills we still need on the website. Stay safe & healthy. ? (at Tianyar Barat)

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