Jul 24
Howdy Drew,

You had requested my semi-annual update of what I’ve been up to and it’s that time to fill you in but before I do I have a quick favor to ask: 

I just last week launched this podcast with the goal of helping 100 people get “unstuck” by demystifying location-independent work and making it more accessible. It’s received great reviews thus far but I need your help: I’m trying to crack into the New & Noteworthy Travel section of iTunes because that jumpstarts listenership. I have one shot this week to make it and every download and subscription helps towards that cause. 

If you could take 30 seconds to subscribe & download my podcast via iTunes that would be massively appreciated. If you don’t use iTunes you can visit the link above and get it via any of the other major platforms like Spotify or Google Podcasts using the link in the header. I’ve poured most of my free cycles into this effort over the past few months and have been fortunate to get some really high quality guests for the show. 

Today’s guest is my friend Andrew Hyde, founder of Startup Weekend, cycler of a bicycle across the US, moderator of TEDx Boulder, wearer of a huge beard, traveler of 80 countries now banned permanently from Nepal (find out why) and all around teller of amazing stories. Check out his episode here and keep reading once you’ve subscribed. 

No seriously. Subscribe now. I’ll wait ;-) 

Scroll down for my update once you’ve done that… 

Oh and maybe tell just one friend who has talked about the idea of taking his/her job on the road about the podcast. This is a direct quote from a girl who heard it who just reached out to me: 

Hey Sean, I just listened to your latest video with Eddie. Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed it! I think it’s valuable for current remotes, premotes, and definitely inspiring to people who haven’t yet taken the leap and deciding to do this crazy adventure (or something like it). I love the realness of it (and I also like that it’s not directly correlated with RY… it feels more believable this way and less sales-y) I’ll be sharing this around. Hope you get some traction man. You’re going to change so many lives out there!!

It would be amazing to eek into the featured Travel section on iTunes and I’m calling upon all my connections today to execute this “thunderclap” of concentrated interest. Apparently the secret to getting featured is the velocity of downloads within a short time-frame and now is that window. Anyways mucho appreciated if you dig the cause and are able to help spread the word. 

Alright. Thanks for that. So now I’ll fill you in on what I’ve been up to since my last update in January: 

 February 6th I moved to Lisbon, Portugal and have been living here since. This city captured me when I was here two years ago as a part of Remote Year and it has my heart. 

 March was cold and rainy. It rained for three weeks straight so not much exploring but I met some amazing people in the Remote Year Excelsior group that month who I’ve continued to remain in contact with. 

 April brought the Sisus of RY and they were my favorite group yet. It was sad to see them leave but likewise I’ve remained in contact and will undoubtedly regroup with these people at some point. 

– In May my folks visited Lisbon and I saw them for the first time since leaving the US. We had a blast while they were here. While they were in town on May 21st after 10mos of hoop-jumping I secured a residency permit which now allows me to live and work indefinitely here and I couldn’t be happier. 

– I lived in Barcelona Spain for the month of June with my friends Trevor and Trish (Trevor was actually my first guest on the podcast). Midway through June I skipped out to Mallorca to surprise one of my best friends for his 40th bday. We then had our 1 year reunion since completing Remote Year in Prague. It was amazing to see 30 of the 50 people who finished the year return to Prague to reunite. Like with any good friend it strangely seemed like no time had elapsed with our friendships. 

– I’ve begun burrowing into the local tech startup scene here in Lisbon and am now the newest mentor for Startup Lisboa and coach a handful of their startups on growth marketing and sales strategy.

– I gave this keynote talk two weeks ago for the Canopy City entrepreneur demo night to share my experience of systematizing the sales process at Pagely. The 7-step framework I show in that talk is a universally-applicable methodology for any growth-stage business and I hope will help other entrepreneurs with a promising product through the challenge of bringing it to market in a more reliable way. 

– Nomad Podcast was a project I started after building and launching my Nomad Prep eCourseover Christmas & New Year’s break earlier this year. I realized after expending a ton of energy to develop the eCourse that I went in with no real strategy for gaining distribution outside of Remote Year. The podcast is a logical extension of that effort to reach a broader audience and embodies the advice of “create value first then harvest some small percentage of it.” I wrote up this blog post over the weekend to explain the motive and why I’m spending all my spare cycles pushing the nomad thing. The short answer is: I believe the “Lost Einstein” phenomenon proposed by a NYT piece is actually at work in adults as well and that an antidote that worked for me is the stimulation that came via this nomadic lifestyle change. 

– In July one of my good friends (who happens to also be the CEO of Pagely where I work) visited and we drove a really fast sports car from Lisbon to Madrid to see one of my favorite bands Pearl Jam. That was a bucket list experience for sure. 

– This past weekend I finally got back into the sport of kite surfing and purchased some gear to be able to do this the rest of the summer season here on the beaches south of Lisbon. This was one of the items on the 10-year plan I made shortly after New Year’s and I’m super stoked to finally be making that a reality. 

– I’m now packing for a 10-day working trip in Hossegor, France with one of my oldest friends and his family. My role at Pagely has evolved nicely and I’ve been able to extricate myself from much of the day-to-day grind and move into a more play-maker role of planning and executing projects that support our sales team in achieving their revenue goals. 

– I have half a dozen interviews I’ve recorded for the podcast now which I’ll be producing and releasing as time permits over the next few weeks. It’s a bit surreal to film an interview from Barcelona with someone in Bolivia and find yourself later on a plane over Lisbon sculpting the content that then gets released from a surf town in France and eventually winds up in ear buds of someone I may never meet in who-knows-where… It’s both completely normal now but mind-blowing at the same time. 

– I believe crypto currency has turned the corner in its 6mo correction and we’ll see it making a rally from here. It may falter for another month but I suspect we’ll see another massive tidal wave of interest as Wall St and institutional money pours into the space. If your investment portfolio currently has no crypto in it I encourage you to first watch this video by the one and only Andreas Antonopoulos so you understand why censorship-resistant money and blockchain is so important and then carve out even just 5% of your savings and investment portfolio and allocate it to a handful of the top cryptos. Gemini and Coinbase are the two exchanges I recommend (Gemini is unfortunately not available in Arizona nor Portugal). 

– As far as plans for the rest of summer, I’ll be in Lisbon likely until November at which point my current plan is to migrate to warmer temperatures maybe at a beach town in Mexico. I’m hoping to spend Thanksgiving and/or Christmas with my folks and potentially my brother’s family in San Francisco. Other than that no plans to return to the US at this time. I should be in La Ventana, Mexico for two weeks in January then back to Lisbon next year. If you are ever out this way please drop me a line and let me show you around this wonderful city that has completely captured my heart. 

If you’ve read this far, thanks as always for taking an interest in my weird life. I hope you and your family are doing well. Send me an update on what you’ve been up to when you have time and live epicly. 


PS. if you’re on Instagram and want to keep up with my travels on a more frequent basis I post about a photo per day of something interesting and unique from my travels here. Below is a pic from this past weekend kite surfing with local friends in Fonte da Telha, Portugal.

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