Jul 29

We’ve been living in Belgrade, Serbia for the past month. Tomorrow we leave for London so I took the morning off and threw this video walking tour to share a look at our living and working accommodations here:

Here is the previous writing I mentioned about the concept of parallax as it relates to travel. This is the wikipedia page that has info on the bombed out Radio TV Serbia building right near where I live. Lastly, here is a map of the 96 locations that serve ice cream in the city. We walked by nine of them in this video. Solid ice cream game – well played Belgrade.

Will miss you Belgrade. It’s been a good past month and I’m sorry myself and many others pre-judged you before getting here. We couldn’t have been more wrong about you.

UPDATE 8/18/16: Eddie nails it again with an incredible vlog episode showcasing highlights of our time in Belgrade. Subscribe to Eddie’s YouTube channel here.

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    Excellent post! I love Belgrade. I visit him whenever the road leads in that direction. Always staying at Skadarlija http://www.hotelskadarlija.com , which is located in the famous bohemian quarter.

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