Dec 28

So this is a different kind of hacking and not introspection in the programming sense but here’s a riff that’s been stuck in my head the past few days:

For lack of a better name I’ll call this song “Introspect.” To me it’s about pondering the past year and the feeling of hopefulness for what’s to come this year. What story does it speak to you? Leave a comment.

And Happy New Years everybody. Here’s to knockin’ whatever you do out of the park in ’09!

3 Responses to “Introspective Hacking”

  1. Ryan says:

    I dig it, looking forward to the finished product.

    What equipement do you use to record?

  2. sean says:

    I just plugged my Martin acoustic direct into my Macbook and recorded into Garageband (the built-in audio program). There are 3 different guitar parts layered ontop of one another- one had zero effects and the others used the “Acoustic echoes” and “Dreamy shimmer” presets. The main part (no effects) was rehearsed but the other two tracks were improvised and recorded in a single take for the spontaneity .


  3. keith says:

    sweet song dude…
    email me a copy when you’re done please…

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