Jul 29

If you’re a Scrabble fan and you’re on Facebook, odds are you have the Scrabulous app installed. It’s really the only reason to even log onto Facebook anymore. Game play is slick – it blows away the EA version they just launched (actually I tried to play a friend using their beta and it paired me with a complete stranger). Anyways, if you’ve followed the hoopla around this game then you know Hasbro has recently issued a DMCA takedown notice and Facebook just tonight complied taking the app offline. Sucks.

Now the good news: it’s still possible to play if you don’t mind going through a few extra steps. Basically they’re using IP address geocoding to determine your location – not the location you specify in your profile. All you need to do is proxy through an IP outside the US or Canada and you’ll get the Scrabulous application back. You will have to link to it directly using this link as they disable it in your application menu. There’s lists of anonymous proxies available via Google but they’re generally crap. The easiest way to find a remote proxy is using Tor. Follow the instructions on their site to get running with it. Keep the Scrabulous dream alive!

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  1. Simeon says:

    The game is back up under the new name of WordScraper. Different colored tiles and slightly different scoring. But the same fun you have come to expect.

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