Mar 26

Ahhh just need to vent here- does anyone using AuthorizeNet share an utter frustration with their support? This is a chat transcript after waiting on hold on their support line for over 2hrs and finally getting through only to be disconnected with a “your call cannot be completed as dialed.” I tried their live help system yesterday leaving a chat window open (of course needed to use a different browser because it continuously popped over what I was trying to do to tell me i was #53 in the support queue). Both times their support rep terminated the session due to inactivity when I finally got through because the window was in the background. Today this lovely exchange – and all I want to do is activate AMEX by giving them our AMEX merchant ID:

Matthew B: Hello Sean! How can I help you today?
Sean Tierney: hi Matt, we need to implement AMEX on our acct. i have a merch 
id from them but your knowledgebase says to contact you guys to set it up
Matthew B: Right however,
Matthew B: you would have to call us so we can verify secure information to do that.
Sean Tierney: hehehehh your call queue is even longer than the 30min wait time on 
your live help. can you call me at 480.967.5897 and we'll do it now?
Matthew B: Unfortunately I can't call you sorry I wish it was possible.
Sean Tierney: wow. okay. will get in line and wait on hold for an hour again- 
hopefully it doesn't disconnect again at the end like it did last time. Sorry to 
rant but you guys have some major support issues. should focus less on bringing 
in business and more on delivering reasonable support... thanks for your help
Matthew B: You are welcome I apologize for the inconvienience. 

I don’t blame Matt but I don’t buy the “I can’t call you” line either- that would have been the fastest way to resolve the issue and me calling them is less authenticated than them calling the number on the account. Would take all of one minute to resolve in that situation. If anyone at AuthNet is listening- your support is very frustrating. Seriously consider halting all new business until you can figure out how to deliver a reasonable support experience to your paying customers.

Thus concludes my rant.

3 Responses to “AuthorizeNet support is decrepit”

  1. Maxim Porges says:

    FWIW, we run our call centers at CFI with the agents not being able to do anything with the softphones except accept calls. Stops them from spending all night calling their buddies long distance instead of doing their jobs.

    Seems kind of incredulous that they would have the same situation in a support center, but thought I’d pass along the info anyway.

    – max

  2. Brandon says:

    I was just working on some stuff yesterday and have to agree– their support is total ass. I can’t imagine how painful it would be to have a problem with the service and be on hold for hours in an attempt to fix it as quickly as possible.

  3. Lance says:

    I’ve heard that is weak by a good handful of folks. You unfortunately contacted their Customer NO-service dept.

    Great thing is you have tons of options so yanking your business is fully within your right. We’ve had decent luck with iTransact – simple and (relatively) smaller company. I’m able to deal with one person over there and have had that same person for 4 years or more.

    Shop it around – your business needs are too important to futz around with this type of thing

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