Jan 11

No kidding… thanks LinkedIn- you rock.

This is normally a pretty interesting feature but I thought this particular one was funny given how void of meaning it is.

I heard an interesting privacy/Facebook Beacon story last night that I hadn’t heard before. Apparently some guy recently purchased his girlfriend an engagement ring in a 50%-off sale on a web site and it immediately popped up in his Facebook feed (which his girl reads) unbeknownst to him advertising the fact that:
a) he had bought a ring and
b) it had been 50% off.

Ouch. I would think the girl would be stoked about that situation – more money for the honeymoon… apparently not though. That story here.

And talk about privacy (or lack thereof), I met Jody Gnant last night at the Phoenix Social Media Club. This is the singer/songwriter who traded one year of rent for a record contract in the “One Red Paper Clip” quest. She’s now doing what’s called “life casting,” broadcasting every moment of her life via her website to promote her record sales. Apparently she hit record viewer numbers last night when we were sitting there as Chris Pirillo and his band of followers meshed in somehow. It was an odd thing to see- she has a following of 50-250 people at all hours of the day such that if she gets lost or needs help with something, she just looks into the camera and asks for help. Really weird to see in person and the chat responses from all the faceless individuals she’s never met but have her back. Her CD is not bad (a little Sara McLaughlin-y for me but well-made). See this “life streaming” wackiness on Ustream here.

3 Responses to “LinkedIn who has viewed your profile and other privacy oddities”

  1. Chris says:

    Live. Try it some time. :)

  2. duh says:

    I guess you watched the 60min special with the rest of the world last night. congrats

  3. sean says:

    @duh- check the date of that post. i have not yet seen the 60min interview from last night.


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