Nov 29

dmvletter.jpgSo my friend Scott who I’m staying with in SF earned a few speeding tickets recently. You might expect a formal warning from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Or you might expect a letter like this one to come from a disappointed parent (if you were still in high school). But this letter originating from a government agency with the tone, the language of “we,” the feigned concern for personal betterment, the use of ALL CAPS… it’s just plain weird.

I got $90 in parking tickets this morning for apparently parking on the wrong curb – if they had left me something like this on my windshield, it would have at least had some entertainment value.

One Response to “Forget Big Brother- this is Big Mother bizarre.”

  1. James says:

    They have an interesting view of correlation. Apparently it is not the actual crashes or violations that are the problem; it’s having these things on your record that puts one at a greater risk.

    So remember kids, drive safely, but if you can’t, at least don’t get caught.

    Otherwise, you’ll be a danger!

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