Oct 25

Just curious. Here are the services for which I’ve written checks in the past month:

  • Rhapsody
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr
  • iContact
  • Ning
  • AuthorizeNet
  • MyFax
  • Quickbooks Assisted Payroll
  • Adsense
  • StumbleUpon
  • There are a kajillion other free services I use but I’m interested in hearing which ones people find valuable enough to purchase.

    11 Responses to “Which online services do you pay for?”

    1. Jim Jeffers says:

      I’m hooked on Basecamp and Blinksale. I think that’s it as far as subscription based softwares though.

    2. cvsdude

      I don’t think I pay for anything else (other than hosting accounts, of course).

    3. # Flickr (yearly right)
      # AuthorizeNet
      # LinkPoint
      # Quickbooks Assisted Payroll
      # Adwords
      # StumbleUpon
      # Basecamp
      # AT&T
      # Vonage (They have my # hostage)
      # Packet8.net (Sick virtual PBX)

    4. sean says:

      yea i’m assuming hosting is a given for everyone.

      I forgot these services:
      # Feedburner premium
      # iStockphoto
      # Surveymonkey
      # Amazon S3

      maybe i should alter the question to be “which services are you COMPLETELY HAPPY PAYING FOR?”

    5. Campbell says:

      Blinksale, Xero Accounting, Skype

    6. EricaLucci says:

      Flickr is worth every penny in my opinion!

    7. i’d tell you, but you’d think less of me :P

    8. Bill Ramsey says:

      – Amazon S3
      – Flickr
      – Easynews
      – Paypal (Old Verisign/Cybercash payment gateway)
      – lemonparty.org

    9. # Quickbooks Online
      # Skype
      # Basecamp
      # HighriseHQ
      # AuthNet
      # iStock/Veer/Getty

      I think that’s it really – I’m an open-source/free junkie and tend to find/use those.

      Extra tidbits…
      Isn’t Feedburner Premium free now since Google bought that?

      M$Money? bleh -> Mint.com

      Josh you pay for both linkpoint api and auth.net? *scratches head*

      GrandCentral any1? lol

    10. Rhonda says:

      Flickr and LiveJournal. LJ I could do without, but I love Flickr.

    11. John says:

      # Freshbooks
      # Unfuddled – I only have a VPS and running VMWare on top of a Virtuoso machine seems like a very bad idea. Otherwise I would have done a JumpBox.

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