Jul 24

JumpBoxNewLogo.gifAlmost one year to the day since we founded our company I’m proud to announce the availability of the JumpBox 1.0 platform and our library of open source server applications. We conducted an extensive beta program over the last eight months during which we iterated and refined the product based on real customer feedback. Thirty thousand downloads later we’ve delivered a promising first step towards our grand vision of simplifying the delivery and management of server software.

If you haven’t already downloaded one and tried it out, you can get any of nine open source server applications and have it running in less than a minute. And you can use it indefinitely at no charge if you don’t mind having our navigation at the top. This library is growing each week so if there’s something you’d like to see in there, let us know.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the beta, the hundreds of OSS developers that contributed to the projects in the library and to all our our friends, family and investors who have provided the capital and encouragement that has enabled us to manifest the JumpBox vision into reality. We’re up in Portland, Oregon right now at the O’reilly Open Source Conference. Given our goal of making Open Source accessible to the masses, there’s no other place in the world we’d rather be right now to make this long-awaited announcement.


4 Responses to “JumpBox 1.0 is now shipping!”

  1. Jim Priest says:

    Congrats! Have you guys considering doing a Twiki JumbBox?

    I need to find some time to try this out! :)

  2. sean says:

    Jim, indeed we have. stay tuned next week ;-)

    you don’t need to find much time- takes under a minute to get it running.


  3. Jim Jeffers says:

    Looks good! I like the icons on the home-page explaining the benefits and the five reasons to use presentations are good. I think one of the shortcomings is still the challenge of presenting the different apps in the store. It seems a little wordy to find the app I might be interested in. This isn’t a huge problem I’ll still find it but it could be a little clearer off the bat. Maybe a screenshot and a logo if you can get away with that? Overall though the site looks great – congratulations!

  4. Steve Rittler says:

    congratulations, sean! this is a great milestone for you guys!

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