Jun 28

I’m planning to do a few short hops this summer to neighboring user groups in the states around Arizona. If you have a developer user group on the West Coast or in the Southwest and are looking for speakers for an upcoming meeting, get in touch with me. The talks I’m tentatively planning on doing:

  • Become a project assasin: project management and revision control with Trac and Subversion
  • Low/no-cost options for effective CRM with Google Docs, Highrise, SugarCRM and vTiger
  • What are virtual appliances and what do they mean to me?
  • Virtualization for developers: an indispensable power tool
  • Using Innovation Games ® to unearth valuable customer insights to innovate on your products (interactive)
  • Software tools that power a startup: a look at the various software tools we’re using inside JumpBox (Open Source and SaaS)
  • Stone Soup Seminar: an interactive exercise in crowdsourced problem solving
  • I need to line up at least two back-to-back meetings in a city to justify a trip so if you know a neighboring user group and can make an introduction or referral, that helps. Looking forward to making the rounds and seeing what everyone is working on these days!

    2 Responses to “Available to do Summer/Fall User Group talks”

    1. John Blayter says:


      If you are looking for some user groups in Colorado I would look at the following.

      Denver CFUG
      Gene Lewis

      Rocky Mountain Adobe Users Group
      Amanda Johnson
      David Hassoun


      Here is a good list of other user groups.

    2. sean says:

      thanks John, I will check those out. I would love to get up to Denver- it’s freakin 117 in Phx. Now i understand why you moved ;-)


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