Apr 25

Our engineering team has kicked some serious butt lately. We dropped a release candidate this morning for the current suite of applications in our growing library. JumpBox simplifies the deployment of Open Source server applications reducing what has traditionally taken four hours to setup down to a thirty second task. Our virtual appliances are designed to make life easier for IT people everywhere and bring these powerful and complex applications within the reach of non-technical users. The following applications are now feature-complete and quarantined for final fixes before we ship:

Changes in this release include:

  • All applications have been updated to the latest versions.
  • The amount of screen real estate taken by the JumpBox navigation has
    been reduced
  • The navigation can now be easily removed after the JumpBox is registered.
  • A tool was added to the JumpBox Administration UI to enable configuration
    of proxy server settings.
  • The JumpBox Administration UI has been redesigned to have a cleaner look.

If you haven’t already tried them out, get ’em now while they can still be unlocked for free.

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