Feb 24

SOD100thReader.pngIt’s a small win today but this blog just landed its 100th reader according to the feedburner stats. I’ve been writing for two years now and you better believe I’m hugely grateful each time that counter increments because it means there’s one more person out there that values the content here enough to spend a minute of their day to continue reading. So thanks for being a reader- I promise to keep the dubs spinnin’ ;-)

One of my goals for ’07 is to get more interaction with readers and foster a dialogue here. I’ve added the ability to subscribe to comments on individual posts via email – that should help facilitate that. If you follow this blog take a minute to chime in and say who you are and what you do.

At the very least you’ll get a free link from a PR7 web site and I’ll have a better picture of who’s reading.

11 Responses to “Scrollin hits triple-digit readership – introduce yourself”

  1. Luke Matkins says:

    Hey, this is Luke from Yottamusic!

    As part of my “subscribe to anyone who ever mentions Yottamusic” policy, I’ve been a lurking reader of yours since December now. :-)

    BTW I wanted to say that your recent post on the Google Web Optimizer was really cool. I definitely did not guess the best performing version. We’re going to start using it to test the Yottamusic home page pretty soon, assuming we can get into the beta. :-)

    Nice to “meet” you btw!

  2. Tony says:

    Well I’m totally expecting to be featured in a new post now, because this comment is showing up on a brand new RP0 page, and the link is rel=’external nofollow’ ;)

    Though congratulations on 100 readers! I’m aiming for the same goal myself, but looks like I will not make it this month.

  3. Bill Brown says:

    I’m subscribed mainly as a legacy of your AZCFUG days. Or mine, rather.

  4. Jamon says:

    Congrats SOD! Your thoughts, ideas and insights are always refreshing.

  5. Rhonda says:

    I worked with you at Apriva and Goodnet, can’t even remember how I found your blog. I enjoyed the podcast with the Leadbot folks.

  6. Blue says:

    Well, you know the CH crew all read your blog regularly. Congrats on reaching 100!

  7. EricaLucci says:

    I’ve been reading since we met at Phoenix BarCamp.

  8. sean says:

    Sweet! So I know most people reading then ;-)

    @Luke – I love yotta. Are you guys an internal skunkworks project for Real Networks or a separate company entirely? Yotta is the best usage of AJAX I’ve seen so far. I use it every day. The only thing that bums me out is that it crashes safari pretty regularly – although that seems like more a shortcoming of flash & safari’s memory mgmt…

    @Tony – my bad. you’re right the comment links appear with the “no follow” argument – doh! btw, didn’t realize you were a fellow 9rules. congrats on the 75 mark.

    @Bill- how goes it? I remember you from cfug.

    @Jamon – ughhh, Tavern killed me on friday.

    @Rhonda – hey there! how’s J Love doin? We need an old Apriva’ers reunion lunch.

    @Blue – CH and it’s crew rules.

    @Erica – did you take over Refresh organizer role from Aaron? I made a poor man’s anonymous jury polling tool we can use next meeting to intervene when ponytail velcro shoe guy goes off again ;-)

  9. Luke Matkins says:

    Hey Sean! We’re a separate company entirely — this way Real gets the hard work of dealing with the labels and all we have to do is work on the UI. :-)

    Re: Safari crashing, that’s unfortunately a known problem with the Rhapsody browser plugin which affects both Rhapsody.com and Yottamusic. There’s a long thread about it at the Real message boards at
    http://real.lithium.com/real/board/message?board.id=InstallingRhapsody&message.id=14064&view=by_date_ascending&page=1 with nothing conclusive so far. We’d heard they were close to releasing an updated plugin, but the rumored date has come and gone, with no new ETA on a fix. Hopefully soon — it’s a really annoying problem!!!

  10. […] Paid – all-u-can-eat music services like Rhapsody and Yahoo Music are great for when you hear a song and snag a name and want to dig into the rest of the album to see if it was a one-hit-wonder or if it’s truly representative of the rest of the album. I haven’t used Yahoo’s service but Rhapsody is great. If you’re on a mac you’ll want to use the YottaMusic.com player. It’s a killer ajax-based app that uses your Rhapsody account credentials to play music via the browser. It used to be pretty flaky crashing the browser but seems to have become much more reliable recently and I’m told by the Yotta team that the issue was actually a problem with the Rhapsody plug-in. I have no idea how these guys are making money but I would hate to see them go away at this point since they have such a valuable service. […]

  11. worked with you at Apriva and Goodnet too

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