Dec 14

9r_rounded_trans1.gifSo I was checking the server logs at 5am (because that’s what you do at 5am when you can’t sleep) and I noticed a spike in traffic from the domain. Digging further I came across this page on their site which lists the latest round of acceptances to their network. Wow. I’m peeing myself right now. This is the third time I have applied and I’ve been waiting to add their little 9rules flower to my sidebar for nearly two years now. Thank you Scrivs and Tyme for the add. Being the guy who was religiously picked dead-last in kickball and turned down by the fraternity the I rushed in college, it feels pretty freakin’ amazing to finally get accepted to a club ;-)

8 Responses to “Newest addition to the 9rules Network”

  1. Chad says:

    Haha – congrats on your acceptance Sean. It is nice to see how much this means to you. I’m sure I will see you around the forums. Cheers!

  2. tunequest says:

    From a fellow 12-13-06 inductee, congrats man!

  3. Mike Rundle says:

    Your site has been fantastic for awhile now, but since we only have submission rounds once every blue moon I’m sure the gap between Round 4 and 5 was a big pain ;)

    Welcome Sean!

  4. Congratulations Sean, good to see you’re excited about this.

  5. liz says:

    Congrats on getting in. I found you through their feed the other day and I think your site name and the banner image are HILARIOUS. It’s the little things….

  6. Nick says:

    Congrats and welcome to 9rules!

    Do the rims on your mouse spin? ;-)

  7. Laisseraller says:

    I was leaving a note on 9rules I a newbie, have made friends there I thought? have made several clips and left several notes the last one I was booted out and asked to verfy my username and password when I entered the information requested it refuses to accept the information and the same error window comes up?
    If this is the way 9rule handles or operates its web site I do not understand the logic? My content is the same for other web blogs, hubs, and articles published on the web, they get high hits and receive many replys. I just do not understand this logic? Spam is unwanted email, Scam is fraud both of which I am against?

  8. Congratulations Sean, good to see you're excited about this.

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