Nov 07

jumpBoxlogo.pngIt’s not every day you get the privilege to announce the birth a new technology that alters the rules of an industry. I present to you JumpBox, the easiest way to deploy complex server applications. Essentially, we’ve done the tedious part of laying all the plumbing and foundational work so you can deploy any non-windows-based server application on any of the three major virtualization platforms (Xen, VMware and Parallels) in a single file. Companies are waking up to virtualization as a deployment option but are realizing that there are a slew of issues to be solved in order to effectively distribute a virtual appliance and not just a virtual disk image. Rather than everyone expend internal resources to reinvent the wheel, we figured we’d solve it and let the vendors focus that time on building better features in their products.
Ruby on Rails with MySQL? No prob.
PHP with Postgres? Yep.
Python with DB-XML? Indeed.
Java with Fyracle? Sí Señor
Is there anything that can’t be deployed on JumpBox? Well, for now Windows (until MS sorts out their licensing, activation and sprawl of registry entries and other MS freakishness).

I won’t rehash the concept and value of JumpBox here. Watch the 5min flash intro on the site to get an idea of what this is all about. We just pulled into Phx from a roadtrip to VMworld 2006 in LA where we lit up the site. We’ll be demo’ing the technology at Refresh Phoenix tomorrow night and then presenting briefly 8am Wed morning at the AZ Entrepreneurship Conference.

To our engineering team- I am extremely proud of you guys. You are proof that a small group of people passionate about an idea, working together sans beauracracy for four months can truly change the world. You guys rule. This is the first of many great things we will build together.


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  1. Great Job man. You guys really did a good job getting the free exposure at the AZ conference. Congrats on the launch. All the best.

  2. […] We haven’t had any harrowing incident like that but we did have a midnight run roadtrip the day we formally launched the company. We were in La for VMworld and left that night and drove across the desert to Phoenix in order to announce the company the next morning at the Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference. I definitely commiserate with Woz on the delerium one experiences when you’re running on pure adrenaline after having been up for 24hrs straight. […]

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