Sep 14

togoFoodTrick11.jpgIf you find yourself driving alone with fast food that has spill-able contents like soups or primarily-liquid dishes in boxes, here’s a neat trick you can use to avoid from spilling your food. Take the “rabbit ears” of the bag, roll down your passenger-side window slightly, poke the knotted portion of the bag out the window and close it so it pinches the bag and suspends your food. You now have your own “gyroscopic to-go food transport pendulum” (?!?) that keeps your food balanced upright as you take turns on the way home. I came up with this technique while grabbing to-go Japanese the other night.

togoFoodTrick21.jpgOf course you look like an idiot driving with rabbit ears hanging out your window but hey, priorities… I had a bag that had a big container of miso soup in it and found myself holding it upright by grabbing the top with my right hand while driving home. It occurred to me that the window could achieve the same function so I tested it and was pleased with how well it worked.
*Note – Do not sue McDonalds or myself if you happen to spill a cup of hot coffee on your lap while using this technique. Think “passenger’s side when there’s no passenger.” It may keep your food from tipping over on the seat next to you, but it could also turn nasty if the window isn’t clamped tight enough. Use this trick at your own risk!!


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