Sep 05

They are very versatile devices and while I’m fairly sure they could launch rockets with a little modification, they cannot be submarines. I learned this the hard way this weekend when mine decided to take a dive. It was the most expensive swim I’ve ever had but the silver lining of this cloud was the process for restoring the data the next day on the replacement device. I gotta hand it to Palm- it could not have gone any smoother. Every setting, application and piece of data (calendar item, contact, memo and todo) was fortunately backed up to my mac and upon syncing (s-Y-n-c’ing) the new treo for the first time, it functioned precisely like the old one. A few years ago this event would have meant a catastrophic data loss and hours of re-entering the numbers that I had a paper backup for. Today it was literally the time necessary to activate the phone and sync it once. Kudos to the folks at Palm for a sweet restoration process!


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  1. It’s normally fairly hard to kill PDAs – take all the bits that come off off and leave to dry for a few days.

  2. Cameron says:

    That’s what you get for trying to check your email while standing at the urinal! :)

  3. […] Gmail + iMAP + iPhone = Happiness. Gmail recently added iMAP support so now you don’t have to POP your mail from your mobile device. My Treo 650 recently bricked after i sent a regular ole text message- and this only a year after it learned to swim. I happened to be rebuilding my laptop from scratch that same day from a new Leopard install so I took the opportunity to make the switch and buy an iPhone and so far it’s been a beautiful device that does just about everything but make my bed. It makes the Android OS look incredibly lame. […]

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