May 19

Following the lead of my man James Archer on his latest post “Powering a Professional Web Firm” here’s a run-down of the technology we’re using inside Grid7. Colorcoded by opensource, Freeware/shareware and commercial products.




  • Server platform (Grid7) – Apache FastCGI serving Ruby on Rails 1.1, Python
  • Server platform (Lights Out, G7 website) – IIS 6 serving ColdFusion MX 6.1, BlueDragon, PHP 4, ASP.NET, Perl





Productivity / Administrative

Miscellaneous Apps

Miscellaneous Services


Future Plans

What’s interesting is how central the iPod device has become as far as a platform for communication for us. We use it for capturing and syndicating the audio from meetings and I use it personally along with the Griffin iTrip to stay ontop of the latest conferences and interviews with industry experts via ITconversations and Venture Voice. I can’t comment on all the Mac applications as that’s Kimbro’s realm (hopefully my realm eventually). If you have any critical pieces of infrastructure you’re using in your company that aren’t on this list, do tell.

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5 Responses to “Tools that power a start-up”

  1. James Britt says:

    Thanks, Sean. This is quite useful.

  2. Raymond Camden says:

    Any reason why you are leaving BlogCFC for WordPress?

  3. Sean Tierney says:

    yea, it’s purely due to the fact that all our efforts right now are centered around microcontent and wordpress has a plugin that supports the creation of this format. It’s one of those "eat our own dogfood" type of choices – if we’re touting the structured blogging stuff and developing a bunch of apps around it, we had better be posting our own content in that format as well.

    BlogCFC is a great tool as evidenced by it’s wide adoption amongst the cf developer community. No qualms with it at all. The new version looks slick w/ all the CSS formatting stuff.


  4. Raymond Camden says:

    No worries – just wondering if it was something I could address.

  5. IRz says:

    Nice, except for your choice of Dell. Dell servers and laptops have cost us dearly in the past. Poor performance, and unreliable (both the hardware and the company).

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