Dec 12

The top news headline today on Wired is The Firefox Hacks You Must Have. While they have good suggestions, there are a bunch of essentials that are conspicuously absent. Rather than write up descriptions of each, I’ve screenshotted my extension manager and linked each one directly to its download file. enjoy. If there’s more essentials that are missing, please post below. *Note- you’ll have to authorize installation from this site only once.

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5 Responses to “Essential Firefox Extension Roundup”

  1. d00d says:

    My list:

    Adblock Filterset.G Updater
    Adblock Plus
    AJAX Yahoo! Mail [Viamatic Webmail++]
    Disable Targets for Downloads
    IE Tab
    Image Zoom
    Slim Extension List
    Translate Page

  2. Dan G. Switzer, II says:

    My list (for Firefox v1.5):

    * Print It!
    (Add print and print preview to context menu)
    * Html Validator
    (I use it for view hidden frame source code)
    * IE View
    (adds a "View in IE" to context menu)
    * Live HTTP Headers
    (view the HTTP headers)
    * SessionSaver
    (Saves the state of all open tabs. Even if Firefox crashes, all tabs will be reopened as they were before the crash)
    * Web Developer
    (Varies tools for the web developer)
    * Download Statusbar
    (This is the way that Firefox *should* handle the progress of downloads)
    * DownThemAll!
    (Quick way to download all files on a page, or just from the selected text.)
    * Bookmarks Synchronizer
    (Uploads/Downloads bookmarks to a centralized location so you can keep you bookmarks in sync between browsers.)
    * Viamatic foXpose
    (Shows preview thumbnails of all open tabs, you can then click on thumbnail to go to that tab.)
    * Console2
    (A replaced JavaScript Console that allows you to filter and search for specific errors.)

  3. FilSchiesty says:

    I’m an extension junky. I’ve got way too many but I don’t know what I’d do without them.

    Tabbrowser Extensions
    * The best "advanced" tab functions out there.
    * Because I cant just look outside!
    * Great for the web developer.
    All-in-one Gestures
    * Great gesture extension.
    Bloglines Toolkit
    * I suppose this is only good if you use bloglines.
    AI Roboform
    * Because I’m lazy and cant remember all of my passwords.
    Google Send to Phone
    * Just for easy SMS style messages.
    Gmail Notifier
    * Because Gmail rocks and I always want to know if I got some mail!
    * Self explanitory.
    * Another one of those "lazy man" extensions.
    * One of my favorites.
    IE View
    * Self explanitory.
    * Self explanitory.
    * It’s delicious!
    About site
    * Because I want to know about stuff.
    * Yep…I’m lazy

  4. Sean Tierney says:

    here’s 4 more additions from my friend David Baker- all very useful:

    Web developer 1.0
    IE Tab

  5. Sean Tierney says:

    here's 4 more additions from my friend David Baker- all very useful:

    Web developer 1.0
    IE Tab

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