Jun 12

I have a client that requires an Enterprise Resource Planning system in order to comply with an upcoming FDA audit. In searching for an acceptable solution I ran across systems that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (aparently some of the larger companies like Dell pay millions of dollars for their ERP systems). How is the little guy to enter the fray which such prohibitive barriers to entry bar the way? The answer I discovered was in an opensource project on sourceforge.net called “Compiere” (which apparently in Italian means “to accomplish, fulfill or deliver” – very appropriate). This particular project has consistently been in the top four active projects on sourceforge which bodes well as it has a huge developer community and is growing rapidly with plenty of new modules and features to accomodate every conceivable business need. I was stoked to find such a system that was: 1) free 2) cross-platform 3) very much alive 4) and has no shortage of consultants to help in a bind. The only problem was that it requires Oracle 10g database to run on – and everyone knows Oracle licensing ain’t cheap.

I hunted around and found something called CODAF (Compiere and Daffodil db) which sounded promising but after tinkering with it for about an hour and digging through their site grappling w/ various problems getting the database working, I realized it wasn’t truly a free solution after all so I kept up the search. Then I discovered a database called Fyracle which promised to emulate Oracle closely enough to where Compiere wouldn’t know the difference. Their install instructions for Windows were very straightforward and I ran into only a few rough spots before I had the whole thing setup and running on XP. I was tempted to try their install for linux but they were pretty involved, about 3pgs long and I’m honestly not comfortable w/ linux and the command-line yet. I gotta say both installers ran flawlessly and so far so good- I had it up and running in less than an hour.

Even with a fairly-simple install process, I thought making a video tutorial with RoboDemo would help give people a good overview to see what’s involved before actually diving into the specifics and plus it might clear up some of the minor weirdness I discovered in the docs (like having the compiere install dir default to the D: drive which on most machines is the CD-ROM). For me, learning how to use this ERP system is the next step in this project but if the Compiere user guide is anything like install documentation I’ve seen so far, it should be fairly smooth to pickup. I would really like to see some tutorials like this one made by some of the more experienced Compiere users to show how the software is used for common daily tasks like inventory control, supply chain tracking, accounting integration and CRM functions. Perhaps someone at Compiere will dig this method of teaching and adopt this idea of producing some video tutorials. Enjoy!

Watch video tutorial on Compiere ERP setup on Fyracle databse and Windows XP in five minutes
7.1MB ~5min

PS. I know my blog is now syndicated from a couple different sources ranging from ColdFusion to legal technology-related. I generally post about whatever “ah-ha” moments I have and stuff that I find useful and interesting to myself. I have my feet in both the legal and CF swimming pools – hopefully peripheral topics like this one do not alienate either camp by falling on the side of being too technical or not technical enough. My rule of thumb for writing here has always been “stuff I wish someone would have told me in the first place” and that continues to be the compass by which I align my postings here.

11 Responses to “How to setup the Compiere opensource ERP system ontop of Firebird (Fyracle) database in five minutes”

  1. Roman Rokytskyy says:

    There is no Microsoft JDK 1.4, so you have to change one of the tooltips – "It does not matter IBM or Sun".

    Also, on one of the tooltips I found a typo "Fryacle".

  2. Sean Tierney says:

    thanks for that catch- I thought i had read somewhere that it would work with the JVM from microsoft but after looking around it appears you are correct. i fixed the type-o and the misinformation in the tutorial.

  3. Dennis says:

    In the movie you mention the Thunderbird database.
    I guess you mean the Firebird database.
    Otherwise a very helpful movie.

  4. Fikret says:

    As Sean said, you mentioned Thunderbird database. That’s funny ;-)

    It’s FIREBIRD Project and FIREBIRD Database.

    Otherwise, very nice work!

    Firebird and Fyracle news

  5. Nichael Judd says:

    You might like to include that the application server details need to be completed in the setup dialog – otherwise the application serve won’t work and all the server processes won’t be available.

    It’s a common ‘gotcha’ for new installs.

  6. Michael March says:

    Cool flash based tutorial.. I am gonna forward that to my manager asap.

    Where did you get RoboDemo btw? All I can find is the product that Macromedia replaced it with..

  7. Sean Tierney says:

    I have RoboDemo 5 from a year ago. Macromedia has since renamed the product as "Captivate." You can find it on Macromedia.com


  8. Sean Tierney says:

    my bad- i think i got my Firefox and Thunderbird wires crossed… It IS Firebird database. probably won’t go in and edit the audio at this point but instead leave it in there for comic relief.

  9. Fatih Güne_ says:

    Really nice work, thanks a lot. By the way, when i installed compiere i faced with a few functions of it. I found a patch at janus-software.com of which name is compiere_all. It seems it has more than that but i couldn’t make it work. Do you know how to get a better compiere on fyracle.

  10. Sean Tierney says:

    I’m not sure i follow your question- did it not install properly? I haven’t had to install any patches to get it working if that’s what you’re asking. i just snagged the latest version of the compiere installer from sourceforge and it worked beautifully on XP SP2.

  11. Fikret says:

    As Sean said, you mentioned Thunderbird database. That's funny ;-)

    It's FIREBIRD Project and FIREBIRD Database.

    Otherwise, very nice work!

    Firebird and Fyracle news

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