Jan 15

I made a handful of New Years’ resolutions this year- the typical "hit the gym more frequently, eat right, manage finances better" but among those resolutions was the promise to start and maintain a blog. It seems to be the de rigueur thing right now and since I stopped keeping a paper-based journal a few years ago, it will be good to get back to archiving my thoughts and maybe I’ll actually keep up with it now since I already spend the better part of my day with my fingers on the keyboard. There’s also something strangely voyeuristic about the idea of cataloging your ideas somewhere where anyone else can peek in at anytime and observe what you’re thinking and working on.

Without publishing a long intro of who I am and what I do, I will say that I live in one of the most beautiful deserts in the world with gorgeous weather 3/4 of the year (summers here in Phoenix, AZ are brutal). I have a college degree in Psychology, eight years’ background in computer programming writing ColdFusion web applications and just recently changed career paths to become a consultant that supports litigation attorneys with various technology. I read about twenty other daily blogs, follow a few trade publications and ezines, listen to podcasted technology discussions each week and participate actively in no less than ten technology discussion forums including the Phoenix ColdFusion User Group which I started back in 1998. If it’s possible to be a "starving entrepeneur" that’s what I am. I have a handful of decent business ideas but monetary and temporal limitations dictate that I work on other people’s stuff 99% of the time and so my ideas rarely see the light of the drawing board.

As far as the question "what does the name ‘scrollin on dubs’ mean?" – the etymology is basically from this strange obsession everyone has with putting 22-inch rims on their automobiles. It’s a stylistic luxury thing about how you choose to roll through life i guess. The best way is probably to just experience the feeling- throw on some summer jams, invite a bunch of friends over, drink a 40 and barbecue in your backyard on a sunday afternoon with no deadlines and no places to be – that’s about as close as I can get to explaining it.

Hopefully this little corner of the blogosphere will become a place where I can share some of the insights that I’ve gleaned from the world of technology that will generate some “aha” moments for others. I heard an interesting perspective the other day on the impact of blogs and how their importance differs from regular websites: sites are generally focused on QUANTITY of audience members you attract whereas blogs are all about the QUALITY – who is reading your stuff. I think this is probably accurate- if you connect with only a handful of core people that relate to what you’re saying and build on your ideas, then that is far more important than getting a ton of haphazzard visitors to your blog.

I look forward to sharing happenings in 2005 with whomever happens to stumble upon these pages. If you have a sec, take a moment and check out some pics I posted from my band’s show last weekend in the Rock ‘n Roll marathon we did in Phoenix. Scroll on Dubs brothas and sistas!


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