About Sean

sean tierneyHi, I’m Sean and I’m in pursuit of a more fully self-actualized existence. Here’s what I mean by that: Abraham Maslow gave us a pyramid of fundamental human needs, the layers of which stack to the capstone of self-actualization, or “fully realizing one’s Personal Legend,” as Paolo Coelho would say. I believe though his capstone on the pyramid ends one level short of the fullest form of self-actualization which is helping others to do the same. Assisting others to ascend this pyramid is what I’m doing this time around.

Before I go any further, if you want to follow along with my journey I’d recommend requesting highly-impersonal email update below. I’m one of 75 people in RemoteYear traveling the world working remotely in 12 different cities from June 2016 – July 2017. This trip is but a leg on a longer journey and I’m documenting the whole thing periodically via email my observations, reflections, epiphanies and digital nomadic wisdom. Sign up for that periodic email here:

Who I am

I try to help others more fully express their natural talents. I’m a teacher & tribe uniter- I locate subject matter experts on methods that can create leverage and then help folks learn how to apply these to rise above the rat race. The goal is to help as many prospective entrepreneurs make the transition and achieve escape velocity from their day job so they can go on to do what they were born to do. As cheesy as it sounds, I believe that helping others to rediscover the unique gift they had as a child and contribute it to the world in a more optimal way via entrepreneurship is what I was put here to do.

IMO entrepreneurship is the best vessel for delivering our gift and for-profit ventures are arguably the most effective instruments by which we amplify our natural talents and sculpt the world around us to be more the way we think it ought to be. The world’s greatest challenges will be solved not by faceless corporations but by inspired individuals who are liberated from jobs and given the means to go back to pursuing what they were meant to do. I see the principles of Customer Development and Scaling Personal Attention through automation as being the two most powerful disciplines to make this happen.

What I do

I’m Director of Sales and Marketing with Pagely and am fortunate to get to work alongside badass people taking the world’s best platform for self-expression and making it better. Prior to Pagely I founded a handful of startups, the most famous of which was JumpBox, Inc, a 10-year running company that domesticated open source server applications and made them more accessible to a broader audience. On the side I lead a volunteer effort called Charity Makeover to help struggling small non-profits better execute on their vision. I also run the School of AC Mastery to help shepherd Infusionsoft refugees to the superior ActiveCampaign platform and I created & maintain the RemoteYearBlogs aggregator site that syndicates the blog posts of all the people currently on Remote Year. When I’m not working I write, play, listen to, and help others create music. I’ve also been zenning out on compound bow archery, flailing with kite surfing and getting bruised up learning Krav Maga. I wrote a kid’s book (PDF) way back that has sold exactly 1 copy to date :-) Occasionally I ask/answer questions on Quora and serve as a mentor to other startups via the SEED SPOT, CEI & EvoNexus incubators. And if you’re still reading then you know I write a lot, sleep little and am notorious for run-on paragraphs.

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