So I’m reviving a tradition I had many years ago on here called “Kernel Dump.” It’s a periodic brain dump of everything I’ve been up to. It’s basically like declaring blogging bankruptcy for all the little things I’ve meant to write posts on and a way of clearing the buffer with a single catch-all update. […]


Between attending OSCON in Portland last week, doing the TechCrunch demo pod at the party on Friday in SF and doing our production release and launching sales for JumpBox, it’s been a whirlwind the past few weeks. Here’s a recap some of the highlights: 1.0 Launch Madness It was a crazy scramble right up until […]


I´m sitting here in an Internet Cafe on the last night of our yearly 2wk holiday break in Playa Del Carmen with all the shopping and packing done for a flight home tomorrow. I figured this is the perfect excuse to take a minute to do the ’06 Kernel Dump and reminisce this trip. THE […]


Here’s a long-winded, long-overdue brain dump of various topics of interest that I’ve compiled from the past few months. Each section merits an individual post but the reality is I’m now writing reminders in the Treo to write rather than just writing. It’s been like that lately ;-) USEFUL NERD STUFF History Hound – This […]


Wow, where did July go? So much to talk about… Today was a big day in many respects- I purchased a mac after ten years without one, we hired our first full-time employee and we can now announce publicly what we’ve been working on the past few weeks: presenting Jamstack. The Jamstack Appliance If you’ve […]


Here’s a braindump of some interesting things from the past month: Cabin Codefest We took a trip this past week up to Munds Park, Arizona and jokingly dubbed it “Gridcon 2006.” We do want to have a conference someday for Grid7 participants but this trip was really just three nerds sharing an internet connection over […]

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