Jan 13

Tao Week 3 update:

Our merry band of 30 or so nomads has boiled down to a
smaller group. We all did New Year’s together and people have been peeling off ever since.
New Year’s here was a pyro’s dream: they basically just lit everything on fire in the bay
(minus the boats). This is a group shot of us on our snorkel adventure day.

Asmaller group of us took a boat to Nang Yuan Island and snorkeled around. We saw lots of
parrot fish and the little guys who look like Nemo. My nightly banana pancake is bringing my
dessert abs in nicely. @benlakoff is jealous.

We played an improvised version
of poleish on the beach using bamboo poles. cc @c_birdie28 @chase_n @gamebird415

@centeredbygratitude invented a new way to roast marshmallows.

I discovered a new style of handmade frozen ice cream cc @cpelican4

We had our
farewell get together at a negative edge pool bar overlooking a rain storm and did a jam
session at sunset.

The small group of us that now remains all moved to the
south side of the island and did a month-long lease and locked in a coworking space. The
workspace has a hammock that requires daily stress testing to make sure it doesn’t fall. I
grudgingly volunteered for that duty.

We found a place a few minutes walk down
from our workspace where you get fresh bowls with your feet in the sand while listening to
reggae and overlooking the water. If ever you can’t find me, start your search here.

This weekend we all scootered to the SE side of the island and swam a total of a mile
to Ko Kong Sai Daeng island (which we later learned is dubbed “Shark Island”). good thing we
all had cuts from barnacles

Our small stalwart crew are the lone carry overs
from Nomad Cruise X and will be in Koh Tao another two weeks before heading to Bali. Shoutout
to @rickculbertsonbkk for helping me conquer my fear of scooters this weekend and getting me
some independence with a scooter.

BTW my semi-annual update email went out last week.
Find it here at the bottom: scrollinondubs.com/about (at Koh Tao Island)

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Dec 31

Sawat Di Khrap from Koh Tao, Thailand.

We’ve been here a week now watching sunsets like this one pretty much nightly.

Christmas Eve was the day after we arrived and they had this whole fire show dance party on the beach for it.

We’re minutes from a bay with crystal blue water and there’s now a group of about 30 holdovers from NCX in town.

This was a harrowing ride through a jungle area up to the Mango Viewpoint.

Worth it though for the sunset there.

A couple of our people have joined the Crossfit gym. This has been my gym the past week.

I got a refresher PADI course and have done 3 dives here. We did an early morning one yesterday that got cancelled due to poor visibility but the second one was pretty fantastic.

Photo cred courtesy @kohtaodivers

I’ve been largely unplugged from everything and reading a bunch. I finished “Courage to be Disliked” at @hnshah’s recommendation and it was a good one. It’s one that I feel like I need to re-read – it was simple yet profound and one of those that gets deeper the more you think about it. Daily Stoic is one I’ve been reading daily per @benlakoff recommendation so technically I “finished it” today but I only started a week ago ;-)
“The One Thing” is one that keeps popping up. It’s by Gary Keller (guy who founded Keller Williams) – I just heard his pod interview on Tim Ferris and am about halfway through his book.

This is the big tree under which I’ve been doing most of my reading. I’m looking forward to getting back into work mode after the holidays. Our group is doing open-ended travel at this point but a chunk of us just locked in a one-month lease in Koh Tao so will be good to get a more permanent base and routine to start off 2020. Peace to all and prosperity in the new year. I’m sending out my year-end wrap-up email shortly so if you want that make sure to join here: https://scrollinondubs.com/about (at Koh Tao Island)

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Dec 23

?Sawasdee krab from Bangkok ?. We left the desert of Dubai last week and came here- this is my first time in Asia. photo cred @benlakoff

We walked around and saw a bunch of the old town yesterday.

A lot of pointy buildings…

Beautiful gold Buddha statues…

Massive shrines with chanting Buddhist monks…

And one of the most epic sunsets over Wat Arun and the Chao Phraya River (I’ve never seen the sun so red).

We took a water taxi through the city which is nice because you can bypass all the traffic. This city reminds me a lot of CDMX but it goes all night and has a crazy electric vibe.

We had drinks on the rooftop of a 40-story building…

And some of us ate scorpions.

We’ve been staying in a hotel that’s just €30/night but you’d think it was €200/night by the amenities & service.

The adventure continues with these wacky @nomadcruise vagabonds. Next stop: Koh Tao for the holidays.

FYI I’m about to send out my 2019 year-end wrap-up email with a bunch of learnings from this past year. If you want in on that be sure to add yourself here: http://scrollinondubs.com/about (at Bangkok, Thailand)


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Dec 16

#NomadCruise X with these 250 hooligans is a wrap.

The last week of the cruise we docked in Muscat Oman and explored the bazaar.

Got a solid sunset in at the rooftop of the W…

Nearly got arrested for holding an unlicensed gun show

Then we disembarked in Dubai and wandered around the most decadent mall you’ve ever seen.

70 of us spent all day today doing fun things in the desert as a surprise bday party for Denisa. First we tried to roll a bunch of Land Cruisers on the dunes without success…

Then we did some sand boarding (aka eating a bunch of sand)….

Then we rode some camels around…

And finished with dinner in the desert.

This has been an epic past couple weeks meeting some incredible people. Later Dubai. Next stop: Bangkok and a long-awaited dream to see Thailand. (at Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

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Dec 09

As-salamu alaykum from Salalah Oman. We docked today after 5 days at sea and spent the afternoon racing around to see the mosque, the market, a maritime history museum and the beach.

I have a second talk earlier this week on how we’ve systematized sales at Pagely. You can find the slides by Googling “pagely sales system.”

My two fav talks thus far have been @daviddangvu & Julia Shem. I got to mastermind with them and other rockstar guests of @mattbowlesmaverick show last night.

We had a pool day earlier this week but there was a plot twist… #NoMads #NoWater #NoProblem

More TRX workouts off the back of the boat…

+ running…

+ an intro to Krav Maga workshop = barely offsetting my caloric dessert intake. For the people interested in Krav follow my buddy Joey’s account @kravmagaxd

I got to play my fav song “Jaded” at the talent show this year which was a real treat. You can find it on Sound Cloud here: scrollinondubs.com/music

Dinners with rad people every night…

And epic sunsets. Been a good @nomadcruise so far. Peace in the Middle East. (at Salalah, Oman)

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Dec 03

It’s the first week of Nomad Cruise X and we’ve covered a lot of ground.

I got my start as an Instagram influencer in Athens by riding @helensimkins coat tails.

258 of us then got on a really big boat and I had the honor of doing the kickoff keynote on what I’ve learned via my guests for @nomadprep.

We then crossed from the Mediterranean into the Red Sea via the Suez Canal.

Made our way past Egypt…

Did some TRX off the back of the boat…

And made it to Jordan where we are now. We hiked around Petra today which is stunning.

How these people carved this facade into a rock wall is just unreal.

It’s not a visit to Petra without the obligatory photo. Photo cred @benlakoff with his inferior iPhone 11 ;-) HBD Ben!

And yes we got a jumping photo with a cat. So… it’s been a successful day. We head back out to sea tomorrow towards Oman. (at Petra, Ma`An, Jordan)

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