Dec 23

?Sawasdee krab from Bangkok ?. We left the desert of Dubai last week and came here- this is my first time in Asia. photo cred @benlakoff

We walked around and saw a bunch of the old town yesterday.

A lot of pointy buildings…

Beautiful gold Buddha statues…

Massive shrines with chanting Buddhist monks…

And one of the most epic sunsets over Wat Arun and the Chao Phraya River (I’ve never seen the sun so red).

We took a water taxi through the city which is nice because you can bypass all the traffic. This city reminds me a lot of CDMX but it goes all night and has a crazy electric vibe.

We had drinks on the rooftop of a 40-story building…

And some of us ate scorpions.

We’ve been staying in a hotel that’s just €30/night but you’d think it was €200/night by the amenities & service.

The adventure continues with these wacky @nomadcruise vagabonds. Next stop: Koh Tao for the holidays.

FYI I’m about to send out my 2019 year-end wrap-up email with a bunch of learnings from this past year. If you want in on that be sure to add yourself here: (at Bangkok, Thailand)

Dec 16

#NomadCruise X with these 250 hooligans is a wrap.

The last week of the cruise we docked in Muscat Oman and explored the bazaar.

Got a solid sunset in at the rooftop of the W…

Nearly got arrested for holding an unlicensed gun show

Then we disembarked in Dubai and wandered around the most decadent mall you’ve ever seen.

70 of us spent all day today doing fun things in the desert as a surprise bday party for Denisa. First we tried to roll a bunch of Land Cruisers on the dunes without success…

Then we did some sand boarding (aka eating a bunch of sand)….

Then we rode some camels around…

And finished with dinner in the desert.

This has been an epic past couple weeks meeting some incredible people. Later Dubai. Next stop: Bangkok and a long-awaited dream to see Thailand. (at Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Dec 09

As-salamu alaykum from Salalah Oman. We docked today after 5 days at sea and spent the afternoon racing around to see the mosque, the market, a maritime history museum and the beach.

I have a second talk earlier this week on how we’ve systematized sales at Pagely. You can find the slides by Googling “pagely sales system.”

My two fav talks thus far have been @daviddangvu & Julia Shem. I got to mastermind with them and other rockstar guests of @mattbowlesmaverick show last night.

We had a pool day earlier this week but there was a plot twist… #NoMads #NoWater #NoProblem

More TRX workouts off the back of the boat…

+ running…

+ an intro to Krav Maga workshop = barely offsetting my caloric dessert intake. For the people interested in Krav follow my buddy Joey’s account @kravmagaxd

I got to play my fav song “Jaded” at the talent show this year which was a real treat. You can find it on Sound Cloud here:

Dinners with rad people every night…

And epic sunsets. Been a good @nomadcruise so far. Peace in the Middle East. (at Salalah, Oman)

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Dec 03

It’s the first week of Nomad Cruise X and we’ve covered a lot of ground.

I got my start as an Instagram influencer in Athens by riding @helensimkins coat tails.

258 of us then got on a really big boat and I had the honor of doing the kickoff keynote on what I’ve learned via my guests for @nomadprep.

We then crossed from the Mediterranean into the Red Sea via the Suez Canal.

Made our way past Egypt…

Did some TRX off the back of the boat…

And made it to Jordan where we are now. We hiked around Petra today which is stunning.

How these people carved this facade into a rock wall is just unreal.

It’s not a visit to Petra without the obligatory photo. Photo cred @benlakoff with his inferior iPhone 11 ;-) HBD Ben!

And yes we got a jumping photo with a cat. So… it’s been a successful day. We head back out to sea tomorrow towards Oman. (at Petra, Ma`An, Jordan)

Nov 24

I arrived in Athens last Thursday and have now had the chance to walk a total of about 15mi through the city. Athens is a bustling place that has a similar energy to Lisbon.

Before leaving Lisbon last week I had the opportunity to capture two great interviews with impressive people: Darius Moravcik of Reflectly and Ash of the Lisbon Digital Nomad Meetup. In both we dug into how they’ve seen success in their respective endeavors: Darius in signing up 20-30k users per day for Reflectly and Ash in growing the largest Nomad Meetup group in the world.

Lisbon has been a dreary rainy place the past two weeks. It’s nice to finally be in some sunshine.

This shot is of the Keramikos archeological site – an old cemetery near the Thissio train station.

My friend @mattbowlesmaverick and I did half-day walking tour of the Athens street art scene that started there. I’ll post a more extensive collection soon but here are a few.

Here is a shot of the Acropolis during the day from below.

And one from a rooftop bar at sunset.

We had some phenomenal Greek wine (Mavrotragano 2017) at the #1-rated wine bar in Athens @oinoscent We will pretty much buy anything from our wonderful sommelier @lilly_clk at this point.

On the flight over from Athens I finished a really powerful book on sleep. I first heard the author Matthew Walker on a Joe Rogan podcast episode and had to listen to his interview twice. In this book he makes a compelling argument that if diet & exercise are the pillars of well-being, that sleep is the bedrock on which those pillars rest. As a society we’re woefully neglecting the importance of sleep. Highly recommend checking out the podcast interview:
Here’s the spot I found for my TRX workout this morning. TRX is a great alternative to finding a gym in every city and is super compact to travel with.

We’re in the final stretch leading up to the departure of @NomadCruise X later this week so the next one of these updates will likely come from a big boat in the Suez Canal. Kalispera!

If you’re not signed up to receive my bi-annual email updates, you should here: (at Athens, Greece)


Nov 18

Charity Makeover #6 in Barcelona is now a week behind us and I just had the chance to writeup a nice summary of the event complete with an extensive photo album. Check it out on

It’s been a rainy past week in Lisbon and I’ve capitalized on that time to finish the Snowden book.

“Permanent Record” is an important one I highly recommend reading. I could write a whole novel myself on this book but it’s an amazing account from Edward Snowden on how, why and what he heroically did to make the public aware of the unconstitutional mass surveillance programs that the US implemented.

My last night in Barcelona I played an open mic that was really more of “get up and jam with the band session” but it went well and I chose what I thought was an appropriate song given the circumstances.

Two nights later @ivanso let myself and @lukeislegend play a show at his place on Pink St.

And then Friday it was @goncalo_regalado birthday. Happy Birthday sung in Portuguese is very different

The founder of Nomad Cruise invited me to lead a keynote on NCX on the lessons I’ve learned from interviewing 30+ location-independent individuals. I’m super stoked for that opportunity.

This new album from Arizona band @jimmyeatworld has been in my headphones the last couple weeks. I didn’t like it at first but it’s grown on me and will now forever remind me of walking around Barcelona.

IFTTT is a super useful app. I used it to implement a microblogging workflow that now pipes these mini updates I post on Instagram to my personal blog (which is nice because I’ve completely neglected it for the past year).

I head to Athens this Thursday to begin 4 months of nomadic working travel. This trip will take me to the Middle East, Asia and potentially South Africa – all new places for me so I’m excited. In prep for this I’ve collapsed everything I’ll have during this time into this backpack. Carry-on only from here out… giddyup. (at Lisbon, Portugal)

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